Fight Diabetes With Yoga Mudras- 5 Gestures To Control Blood Sugar!
Yoga mudras for diabetes

In sanskrit ‘Mudra’ means to seal, mark or gesture. In Dharma and Taoism traditions, Yoga mudras have assisted in meditation and healing for thousands of years. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that has become a cause of concern for many in the recent years.  Allopathic drugs were once believed to be the only cure to diabetes, but weren’t able to seize the condition effectively.

It is believed that Yoga mudras have been effectively curing diabetes for a long time but people often question does yoga really help in controlling diabetes? If medicines can’t, how yoga mudras can reduce its effects?

Ekattva is here to explain the Yoga mudra techniques that check the common ailment and share how this ancient healing method helps in controlling diabetes.  Below are 5 types of Yoga mudras that reduce the effect of diabetes. Let us take a look at all mudras one by one:

Surya mudra

‘Surya’ or sun mudra helps channelize the energy. It enhances the fire element in your body by generating heat. This Yoga mudra helps in controlling diabetes by improving the metabolism of your body.

 Yoga mudras for diabetes
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For best results, sit in Vajrasana. Touch the tip of thumb with your ring finger. Give this mudra a stretch of five minutes and repeat three sets. As you get comfortable practicing this asana, increase the mudra time. You can perform this diabetes controlling mudra single handedly or can use both hands.

Linga mudra

Linga depicts the male reproductive organ and symbolizes fire. Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes and this Yoga mudra helps in reducing both. The more you weight, the more unbalanced is your blood sugar level; fitter you remain, lesser you get affected by diabetes.

 Yoga mudras for diabetes
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This mudra can be performed either sitting or standing. Intertwine your fingers while clasping your hands. Raise your left thumb upwards and lock it with your right thumb. Hold this position for as much as you can. This Yoga mudra will help you burn fat and reduce weight. This type of Yoga mudra is considered the best for controlling the effects of diabetes.

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Pran mudra

Pran is the vital force that keeps us alive. Pran mudra is a detoxifying Yoga gesture that in combination with Apan mudra helps to cure diabetes. Apan mudra will be discussed right after the Pran mudra.

 Yoga mudras for diabetes
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To perform Pran mudra choose any sitting asana. It is also possible to perform this gesture while standing. This diabetes remedial mudra involves both hands while practicing. Keeping the index and middle fingers straight, touch your thumb tip with the ring and the little finger. The repetition and time is same as surya mudra.

Apan mudra

Apan mudra is considered as the simplest form of Yoga mudra. This purification exercise lowers blood sugar in your body be detoxifying it. You can observe it yourself as you will tend to urinate a lot while practicing this mudra.

 Yoga mudras for diabetes
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Apan mudra can be performed in a seated asana as well as standing. Touch the middle and the ring finger with your thumb while keeping your index and little finger straight. Hold the position for 5 minutes and than repeat thrice. Performing Apan mudra everyday will reduce the effects of diabetes by flushing the toxins out of your body.

Gyan mudra

Gyan mudra is a deep relaxing Yoga exercise which helps in reducing stress and anxiety that cause diabetes. The Yoga mudra creates a calm atmosphere inside your body by relieving stress.

 Yoga mudras for diabetes
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While sitting or standing in a comfortable position, join tips of your index fingers with tips of your respective thumbs. Make sure that all the other fingers are straight. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your body relax and get rid of all negativity. As your stress level will decrease, so will the diabetes, making your body healthy.

These were the Yoga mudras that can help you retain a balanced sugar level and control the effects of diabetes that are harmful for your health. That said, there are some important things that you must keep in mind before performing these Yoga mudras.

  • It is wiser to take your doctor’s advice before practicing Yoga mudra for a specific ailment.
  • The best time to perform these diabetes controlling mudras are at sunrise and at sunset.
  • These Yoga gestures need sufficient amount of glucose while performing. Do not start them too soon after a meal.
  • If you are new to Yoga and want to practice these mudras, it is better to consult an expert Yoga teacher for guidance.

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Yoga and the universe

Universe is made of 5 elements and so is our body. These elements are the sun, the sky, the earth, the fire and the water. All these elements are to be in a balanced state or the human body will suffer from diseases like diabetes.

Do you know that all these elements are represented by our thumb and fingers.

  • Our thumb represents fire
  • Index finger states air
  • Middle finger for sky
  • Ring finger is for earth
  • The little finger represents water

Like an imbalance in the nature causes havoc on earth, imbalance of any element causes a disease in our body. Yoga has been around us for centuries, and has brought pranayama, meditation and Yoga mudras that helped mankind in attaining a better physical, mental and spiritual health.

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  1. There are many different yoga mudras and each of them has a different benefit.
    Yoga is not only an exercise but a form of spiritual practice to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

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