Anuloma Viloma Pranayama- 5 Unseen Benefits Of Yoga Breath Control
Anuloma Viloma benefits

Anulom Vilom or Nadi Shodhana Pranayama clears the blocked energy channels (Nadis) and calms the mind. Yogis have been practicing this breath control technique to rejuvenate their senses for centuries. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama is also known for improving eyesight and maintaining  a healthy skin.

Many of Anuloma Viloma health benefits are known to all, but there are some unknown gains that are still to be discovered. Ekattva Yogshala brings to you 5 hidden benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama that will lead you towards a healthy life.

Sharing is joy! Let us share the undiscovered benefits of Anuloma Viloma.

It helps in curing nadi doshas

Anuloma Viloma helps to cure nadi doshas without using medicines. It eliminates Vata, Pitta and kapha dosha that result in rheumatism, gout, reproductive diseases, cold etc. These nadi doshas occur when there is an imbalance in any of the nadis. It is similar to hormonal imbalance where excess or deficiency causes diseases or uncomfort in the human body.

Ever seen Yogi with dull or rough skin? Anuloma Viloma  also helps your body in remaining hydrated and eyesight is also gets improved. This breathing exercise should be practiced in routine to reap its hidden benefits and remain healthy.

It helps in curing lifestyle disorders

Our lifestyle indicates how healthy we are. Bad eating habits, alcohol, drugs, late night party culture, noise pollution etc. are the indicators of an unhealthy  lifestyle. With it comes obesity, stress, tension and depression, Anuloma Viloma greatly helps to release the stress through energy channelizing and brings your mind and body at the state of peace and relaxation.

You cannot enjoy the benefits of Pranayama until you discover the right technique to perform it. Remember, there is a specified way to perform any Yoga asana or Pranayama. You should follow it to get benefitted from Anuloma Viloma in the best manner.

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It helps in building metabolism

Pranayama allows you to control your breath. It is scientifically proven that oxygen produces energy on combustion. Same goes inside the human body. If your body functions well you will have stronger metabolism. If metabolism is active, blood circulation will be flawless.

Yogis easily bear harsh winters and rugged summers, why? It is because their breathing patterns are controlled. Their bodies work perfectly because their energies are channelized in a particular direction, towards enlightenment. Anulom Vilom works on the same principle. Practice it and discover its hidden benefits yourself.

It helps in curing skin and eye ailments

Have you ever noticed an athlete or a yogi’s skin? It is glowy. Almost every sportsperson has perfect eyesight. Why? Well some are born with it but all not! It is proven that many celebrities and famous personalities perform Yoga and Pranayama in their daily life.

If you perform Anulom Vilom regularly, you will notice that your body will remain hydrated and it will result in improving your skin texture. Also, your eyesight will improve because there will be less stress on your body and mind.

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Anuloma Viloma benefits

It helps in eliminating neurological disorders

Do you know that anxiety, depression and tension are some indicators that can convert into neurological disorders. Depression not only disturbs your peace, it affects your entire nervous system. Anuloma Viloma is known for bringing your mind at peace. It releases anxiety and relives your body from unwanted stress.

Pranayama is the not a medicine that needs to be consumed a couple of times but something that ought to be practiced for a long time. If you make it a routine to exercise Anulom Vilom, you will even see its visual benefits  shortly. You will have improved vision and glowing skin. Your outlook will be more energetic and attractive than ever. Practice it and experience yourself!

Anuloma Viloma – Benefits conclusion!

Pranayama is a recreational cure for many diseases and body ailments. Its regular practice keeps the body and mind fit for the challenges of life. Incorporate the ancient practice of Anuloma Viloma Pranayama in your life and stay healthy!

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