Ravneet’s Yoga Teacher Training Experience With Ekattva (Chapter 1)
yoga teacher training experience

Yoga transforms us! From the easiest of the easiest yoga asanas to the complex yoga poses, each yogic posture is none less than an experience of a lifetime. Hi! I am Ravneet from Punjab (India). I am about to start my yoga teacher training program at Ekattva Yogshala Rishikesh! I am a post graduate and …

5 Fun & Easy Yoga Poses for Kids- Gift of Yoga for Children
yoga poses for kids

While yoga is fun for kids, introducing them to basic yoga poses at an early age will act as a foundation to healthy lifestyle habits. Yoga asanas are in harmony with nature, and therefore, practicing them at an early age will make children love and respect nature too. By practicing yoga, kids will learn about …

Becoming a Yoga Teacher at 40 or 50 – Everything You Need to Know
becoming a yoga teacher at 40

Is becoming a yoga teacher in 40s or 50s possible? This thought comes to almost every yoga lover in this age group considering yoga teaching as a career. If being a yoga student in late 40s and beyond is possible, than becoming a yoga teacher too is feasible. In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala shares what …

Surya Bhedi Pranayama & Benefits – A Beginners Guide (2021 Updated)
surya bhedi pranayama

Hatha yoga pradipika defines surya bhedi pranayama or right nostril breathing as one of the most beneficial techniques of yoga. Prime focus of this pranayama technique is to activate the sun element in your body. The sun piercing technique involves right nostril or ‘pingala ‘ which depicts the vitality of the sun. In this blog, …

How to Start Yoga By Yourself- First Step Towards Yoga TT
how to start yoga by yourself

Most of non-yoga people look at yoga masters practice complex yoga poses, and assume that learning yoga by yourself is not possible. But this is obviously not true. It is very much possible to start learning yoga on your own. Complex level yoga poses do require expert guidance but foundation yoga asanas are quite easy …

7 Benefits of Yoga Nidra – Relieve Stress & Relax With Yoga
Yoga nidra relaxation

Modern day Yoga Nidra, a nyasa meditation practice from ancient tantra yoga was evolved by Swami Satyananda in the mid 20th century. The relaxing technique of yoga nidra gifts countless benefits to human body. Best known for stress relief and recovering from trauma, this yoga technique has become a modern day yoga routine to regular …

Destination Yoga Teacher Training – Complete YTT Checklist
Destination yoga teacher training

The biggest question for those who want to pursue yoga teacher training is ‘where to learn yoga?’ The concept of destination yoga teacher training has been garnering interest of learners from past couple of decades. While the idea of going to an unfamiliar land for few weeks to master yoga is fascinating, it has its …

Life After Yoga Teacher Training- How to Start Teaching Yoga?
yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Have you recently completed your yoga teacher training and are wondering how to start teaching yoga & run your own classes? This question about life after yoga teacher training comes in the mind of every new yoga teacher. The short answer is that there is much to do once you complete your yoga teacher training. …

Yoga for Menstruation- 6 Pain Relieving Asanas with Precautions
yoga for menstruation

My Yoga Transformation Journey- Joey Shares his Rishikesh Experience

Yoga holds a miraculous transformative power. In one way or the other, yoga practitioners have transformed through their yoga journey and become better not only in yoga but also at life after completing their yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. This blog by Ekattva Yogshala shares the yoga journey of Joey Jennings, a Florida based yogi, …

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