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Yoga in Rishikesh India – What Yoga Capital has & Others Don’t?
Yoga In Rishikesh India

Rishikesh, the sanskrit name  means ‘lord of senses’. The Indian holy city resting besides divine Ganges holds the title of birthplace of yoga. Every year, millions of devotees visit its ghats for a cleansing dip and thousands of overseas yoga enthusiasts visit the yoga capital of the world to learn traditional yoga and become certified …

10 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep- Beat Insomnia or Sleep Disorder
Yoga for better sleep

Do you often spend most of the nights waiting for better sleep? Surprisingly, 6% of the world’s total population suffers from the chronic health condition called insomnia. Medication helps in treating insomnia to an extent but it comes with the risks of side-effects. Some yoga asanas though are helping millions of people recover from this …

11 Famous Athletes & Celebrities Who Do Yoga & Stay Fit
celebrities who do yoga

Yoga has gained immense popularity in last couple of decades, changing the perception of the world about fitness and healthy living. While global celebrities do yoga and maintain top fitness in 40s and 50s, athletes practice the ancient Indian art to build strength and achieve overall wellness. From being limited to Indian sages to becoming …

Yoga Poses & Postures To Lose Weight Quickly
yoga for weight loss

Weight reduction is a tedious journey, but appropriate lifestyle changes can help you shed those extra pounds. According to the WHO statistics, more than 1.9 billion adults, 41 million children under the age of 5 and over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese. The good news is that people all …