Surya Bhedi Pranayama & Benefits – A Beginners Guide (2022 Updated)
surya bhedi pranayama

Hatha yoga pradipika defines surya bhedi pranayama or right nostril breathing as one of the most beneficial techniques of yoga. The prime focus of this pranayama technique is to activate the sun element in your body. The sun piercing technique involves the right nostril or ‘pingala ‘ which depicts the vitality of the sun. In …

7 Benefits of Yoga Nidra – Relieve Stress & Relax With Yoga
Yoga nidra relaxation

Modern day Yoga Nidra, a nyasa meditation practice from ancient tantra yoga was evolved by Swami Satyananda in the mid 20th century. The relaxing technique of yoga nidra gifts countless benefits to human body. Best known for stress relief and recovering from trauma, this yoga technique has become a modern day yoga routine to regular …

Yoga for Menstruation- 6 Pain Relieving Asanas with Precautions
yoga for menstruation

Yoga Asana for Back Pain- Cat Cow Pose Benefits in Lower Backache
yoga for back pain

Back pain accounts 264 million workdays loss in a year and the most affected population include people who do sitting jobs. Medications and sometimes surgical treatments are needed to get rid of this medical condition but yoga asanas practice is helping millions of patients get relief from backache without any side-effects or complications. Cat-cow pose …

Prenatal Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women- 10 Gentle Poses
Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women

Since conception to birth, the entire phase of pregnancy is very complex for the to-be mothers. Some expecting women going through health issues may experience troubles like backache, sore ankles, and morning sickness during their pregnancy. By practicing  some gentle prenatal yoga postures regularly, they can get rid of these problems. Practicing yoga helps in …

12 Steps Of Surya Namaskar- Health Benefits Guide (2022 Updated)
suryanamaskar yoga pose

Do you know that 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar burn nearly 156 calories? Surya namaskar or ‘the sun salutation’ dates its origin back to the 20th century. This modern yoga asana is performed in 12 poses or steps, and each asana focuses on benefitting a specific part of the human body. Surya namaskar can be …

Pranayama For Beginners- Types, Techniques & Benefits
Pranayama for beginners

Pranayama is ‘control of breath’ and is practiced commonly in Hatha Yoga. Since it brings vast range of health benefits and is part of many yoga routines, it is popular amongst yoga beginners. But before practicing Pranayama, understanding its types, techniques and benefits is critical. A state of healthy mind and body can be achieved …

6 Standing Yoga Asanas & Poses with Benefits (2022 Updated)
benefits of standing Yoga asanas

Standing yoga asanas and their benefits are considered building blocks of Yoga and are widely practiced to keep our body and mind in top shape. It is scientifically proven that the majority of standing yoga postures enhance immunity, agility, muscular strength and also eliminate stress and anxiety. Ekattva Yogshala brings the top 6 standing yogic …

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