Ekattva’s 7-Day Corporate Yoga Classes & Family Spiritual Retreat
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Blessings from the birthplace of yoga! We have some great news.

Our team of yoga teachers and healers recently concluded a 7-day corporate yoga classes and family spiritual retreat for an international group of yoga practitioners and spirituality seekers. While our 200 hours YTT program has been a success, we designed the week long yoga & spiritual session for families, corporate teams, and social groups looking for a yogic experience that can last a lifetime.

Ekattva has been designing exceptional yoga learning programs and hosting rejuvenating retreats in Rishikesh, India for many years now. With the newly introduced program for corporate teams and families, we aim to further expand our yogic and spiritual offerings.

While everything about our 7-day corporate yoga classes and family spiritual retreat was wonderful, here we have the highlights of the event attended by more than 20 participants from China:

The Energy of the Caves

Since ages, spiritual seekers have been receding into the depths of Himalayan caves in search of solitude and truth. These caves are still transcendent with the spiritual energy of their inhabitants of the past. During our family spiritual retreat & corporate yoga classes, our attendees had an opportunity to feel this spiritual vibrancy during sessions held at the Vashistha Cave and Taat Wale Baba Ashram Cave near Rishikesh.

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The Essence of the Ganga

If there is one lesson that we can learn from rivers, it is a lesson of incessant movement towards the ultimate destination. Riding on the pure radiance of mother Ganga, many men and women have found their way to the self-awakening and consciousness. Like a mother, the Ganga embraces all. During our week-long corporate yoga program on sandy & rocky banks, the attendees had a chance to glimpse into the magical grandeur of the holy river and perceive inner-happiness along with the meaning of life.

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The Elation at Devprayag

It is felt by some and believed by many that the spiritual energy is extraordinary where the rivers meet. Hence, we arranged a musical evening of mantras on the holy confluence of Alaknanada and Bhagirathi at Devprayag. The corporate yoga program attendees were astounded and totally submerged under waves of devotion when Manohar ji’s magical voice danced with the roaring flow of the confluence water. It was indeed an evening that has been etched in the heart of all learners and perhaps will act as a “happy place” for many in the years to come.

Energy Reading and Healing

Nikita Boloor is a much sought-after healer adept at various techniques of energy reading and balancing. The corporate yoga class attendees at Ekattva were delighted to have an engaging session on understanding energy bodies and their well-being. She performed healing & meditation sessions and also shared yoga benefits for students and working professionals. Through a combination of energy reading, DNA cleansing, crystal and aroma oil therapies, the attendees gained an understanding of a non-traditional therapeutic practice.

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Euphoria of Rishikesh

It was certainly not all mantras and meditation only. While designing our 7-day corporate yoga classes and family spiritual retreat, we kept ample time for yoga aspirants joining us across the world to explore the vibrant markets around Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula for outdoor fun and shopping. Rishikesh is an amalgamation of many faiths and nationalities which thousands of people from different religions and beliefs visit every day. Honestly, it is best felt than described in words or pictures.

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And Much More

Well that’s not all. Besides meditation and spiritual sessions, daily Vedic Hawan ceremonies i.e. ceremonial fire rituals, musical mantra chanting sessions, photography tours, philanthropic activities, and ‘satsang’ (Hindi word for company of the wise and good) have also been included in our 7-day corporate yoga program and family spiritual retreat to make the experience even more fulfilling and distinguished.

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Join Corporate Yoga Classes & Therapeutic Programs

Focus on designing comprehensive spiritual yoga retreats and yoga training courses for yoga aspirants has helped Ekattva become one of the most sought-after yoga schools for yoga TT and retreats in Rishikesh, India.

Away from the crowd and nestled in a patch of wilderness, Ekattva is an ideal place for yogic and rejuvenation practice. Our hygienic accommodation, healthy food, and other facilities at serene yoga ashram ensure that our guests remain physically energetic and active throughout the day.

Ekattva Yogshala is located at a few minutes-walk from Ganga, Laxman Jhula as well as Ram Jhula in Rishikesh, and is committed to deliver the best corporate yoga classes, family spiritual retreats, and group yoga retreats in Rishikesh, India.

Email at info@spiritualpunditz.com or simple place a call at +91 84470 45597 to get in touch with our team of qualified yoga teachers for discussing affordable group & corporate retreats.

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