How to Start Yoga By Yourself- First Step Towards Yoga TT
how to start yoga by yourself

Most of non-yoga people look at yoga masters practice complex yoga poses, and assume that learning yoga by yourself is not possible. But this is obviously not true. It is very much possible to start learning yoga on your own. Complex level yoga poses do require expert guidance but foundation yoga asanas are quite easy to perform and can be practiced by yourself.

In this blog, Ekattva shares how you can start practicing yoga and meditation at home which is also the first step towards becoming a yoga teacher. But before continuing, a brief introduction to yoga will really be helpful.

Yoga, an introduction

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. It is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. The origins of yoga have been speculated to date back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions mentioned in the Rigveda.

Now let’s move on to the question, how to start yoga by yourself ?

Remember, if you want to experience yoga, you will have to live yoga. Yoga is not one day or one night’s practice. It takes a long time to learn the core of yogic energies and utilize them for good. You will have to implement yoga in your daily life to experience and reap the unseen benefits of traditional health practice.

Sunil Bisht, yoga teacher at Ekattva, has shared his valuable thoughts about practicing yoga and meditation on your own in this video:

Have you made up your mind for learning yoga on your own? Let’s begin with 5 basic things to start learning yoga by yourself!

Learn the basics

Before beginning practicing yoga on your own, it is beneficial to learn the basics of yoga first. Find answers to questions like what’s the best time to practice yoga, what to eat and when to eat before practicing yoga before you start your yoga practice regime. It will help you understand the basics of yoga which you need to keep in mind before practicing yoga on your own.

Find learning resource

Read yoga literature, go through yoga videos and listen to what learned yogis have to say about practicing yoga on your own. You can go through trending yoga blogs to enhance your basic knowledge of yoga. Once you get the basics right, it will help you to begin your yoga journey on your own.

Here are some recommended yoga books for beginners to practice yoga on your own!

Do what you feel

The best thing about self learning is there is no time constraints. Practice whenever you feel and learn how much you feel you want to learn. There’s no one to force you to overexert and there is none to ring the bell to end your yoga class. When you practice yoga by yourself, you are the time keeper! It’s your wish to wind up early or to push your limits further.

Date your yoga mat

A long yoga practice session is great, but it’s not bad to practice yoga and meditation for smaller chunks of time. Begin with 30 minutes for three to four times a week. Not possible? 15 to 20 minutes can be easily stolen from your daily schedule! Remember, yoga classes are mostly for 90 minutes, but if you don’t have time for it, start doing yoga by yourself at your home.

Plan out your yoga

It is wise to plan out your yoga before beginning with the practice. Before you begin with a specific yoga asana, start by sitting in a comfortable position or even in corpse pose. Rushing to a difficult pose in the beginning is never considered a wise move. Stay calm, let your body get accustomed to the basics of yoga before you hop on to advanced poses.

Do poses that you love

The idea of doing yoga on your own does not mean you have to practice complex yoga poses. It also doesn’t command you to repeat poses you have mastered. When the question ‘how to start yoga and meditation by yourself’ hits your conscious, start practicing poses are very basic and that you can pick up easily. It will keep the desire of practicing yoga alive in you.

Make yoga a routine

Practice makes you perfect. That applies to yoga too! If you want to learn yoga in the best fashion, don’t quit practicing it. Sometimes you may feel monotonous, sometimes you may feel exhausted and at your body might not allow you to carry on. Take a break for a while, but continue your yoga regime. This is the only way to learn yoga and meditation on your own.

If you want to understand the basics of yoga, don’t quit. Make it a habit to practice yoga everyday, whether it be the easiest of the easiest asanas or your favourite complex yoga poses.

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Once you achieve this stage, there is a possibility that you get prepared for the next level and might want to further polish your learnings.

A new beginning

If your craving doesn’t end on learning yoga by yourself, it’s time to learn from trained yoga teachers. Consider joining yoga classes near you to practice with others and further enhance your knowledge. If the yogi in you is hungry for more, it makes perfect sense to visit Rishikesh, the home to traditional yoga and hundreds of world class yoga teacher training schools. Join a yoga school that brings university trained faculty to teach ancient art of yoga and meditation.

If you want to get to the next level of yoga, there is a definite need to practice under the guidance of a trained, experienced yoga guru. At Ekattva Yogshala, Rishikesh, our university trained yoga teachers will leave no stone unturned to make your yoga teacher journey worth a lifetime.

At a renowned yoga school, you will not only learn yoga, but will also get the following benefits:

Growth and refinement in yoga philosophy and practice.
Yoga will become a part of you once you start your yoga teacher journey.
Yoga energy will flow effortlessly in your body, just like a river.
Learning under the guidance will end your dependency on outer sources.
Complex yoga poses will not seem complex
A sense of peace will settle in your mind

Curious about teaching yoga? Take a look at life after becoming a yoga teacher!

The journey of how to start yoga by yourself is a journey of self realization. Be a student first, then only you can become a teacher. If you want to pursue a career in yoga teacher training, be the master of this art and then only you will be able to lead your students towards a deeper yogic understanding.

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