Life After Yoga Teacher Training- How to Start Teaching Yoga?
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Have you recently completed your yoga teacher training and are wondering how to start teaching yoga & run your own classes? This question about life after yoga teacher training comes in the mind of every new yoga teacher. The short answer is that there is much to do once you complete your yoga teacher training. A new life awaits you here onwards, the life of a yoga teacher!

Ekattva Yogshala is home to world class yoga teachers who besides being part of our yoga school in RIshikesh have their independent practices as well. This blog has been compiled from their experience and is meant to guide new yoga trainers on how to continue after completing their yoga teacher training.

Let’s begin the journey towards your dream job, a yoga teacher!

life after yoga teacher training

Register with Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit association representing the world yoga community. It was formed with a mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of yoga teaching . If you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher and running your own classes, get registered with Yoga Alliance right away. It can be done directly through their website by entering your enrollment number with your YTT school.

If you want to begin your life as a yoga teacher after yoga teacher training course, being a member of the Yoga Alliance comes in handy.

Safekeep your certificate

Once you have completed the yoga teacher training, the first thing you need to do in your new yoga life is to create a certificate folder. Keep your yoga certificates secured by making several coloured copies and keeping them in an organized folder. As your yoga journey will proceed, you will come across other trainings and certifications and therefore it becomes a necessity to safekeep your yoga teacher training certificates.

Your certificates are the proof of your qualification and yoga skills. If you are thinking how to start teaching yoga, consider it an essential step of your to-do lists.

Get CPR and EFAC Certification

This is one step beyond your yoga teacher certification. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation for North American teachers) and EFAC (European First Aid Certificate for European teachers) enhances your professional skills and abilities. Students feel safe in the hands of a first-aid administrator. It’s good if your have knowledge of first-aid as in case of any emergency, your students can trust you and you can help them recover better.

Life after yoga teacher training gets better if you have knowledge of some first-aid routines. Also, it adds another certification to your resume folder.

Want to discover more about yoga and its history? Here are the best yoga books!

Procure a liability insurance

The concept of liability insurance is quite famous in the USA and Europe and why shouldn’t be? In an affordable sum, you get general insurance coverage. It’s great if you have to travel for different yoga teaching studios to teach your yoga students. Once you get your coverage letter, place it or a copy of your liability insurance in your certificates folder. Having all documents in place beforehand comes handy in case of a law suite or an accident.

For every yoga enthusiast who has completed their 200 hours YTTC and is thinking about how to start teaching yoga, this life after yoga teacher training guide is a must read.

Create your yoga resume

A comprehensive profile of your professional and teaching experience adds to your resume. Even if there is no yoga teacher experience to add, your other accomplishments are worth sharing in your yoga resume. Your yoga teacher training certification, your personal statement about your teaching style and what you are looking forward to specializing in future is a great way to communicate with your potential students about your vision.

Yoga learning is a never ending journey and your life as a yoga teacher begins the day you complete your yoga teacher training.

how to start teaching yoga

Acquire classroom experience

In order to stay in touch with yoga, gaining experience is a must. In the beginning, contact local yoga schools where you can assist the senior yoga teachers. It will help you stay in touch with yoga as daily practice allows you to gain expertise in teaching yoga. Being on full time job isn’t a compulsion. It is a possibility that you won’t get ample pay initially, or even sometimes you’ll have to work without salary but in the end, you will get a lot of experience that you can add to your curriculum vitae.

Life after yoga teacher training progresses slowly, just like a seed turns into a plant. Stay calm, be patient and practice yoga with commitment, everything will work fine after.

Set your teaching fee

Before setting your initial fee structure as a yoga teacher, it is wise to know the current prevailing rates in the industry (especially in your region). Remember one thing, don’t stick to your rates. In the beginning, you will be bargained with and it is a natural thing as no one is familiar with you. As the time will pass and your yoga teacher life will mature, people will start noticing your calibur and will pay you current & even premium rates.

If you are employed in a yoga school, try to formulate a contract where after 6 months or so, you get a hike.

Build your network

Wherever you go, whom you work with, try to stay in touch with them even after you have completed the job. You never know when you may get lucky! Opportunity knocks their door who persistently work to achieve success. Maintain a contact list of potential yoga schools and students with whom you may get an opportunity to work in coming times.

Create your brand online

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter act as a launchpad for rising artists, performers and even yoga teachers. Create your social media profiles and actively post your yoga sessions and thoughts about yoga culture. It will help you become a part of the global yoga community. Youtube is the future of advertising, why not exploit it as a free-of-cost branding source by publishing your latest yoga video lessons.

Internet is a world of opportunity and if you are smart enough to create your brand online, no one can stop you from becoming a well known yoga teacher after your teacher training.

Keep Practicing Yoga

If you want to teach better, you must learn better first. Practice yoga regularly. Then only you can teach it to your students. Life after yoga teacher training requires dedication and continuous efforts. At Ekattva Yogshala, our teachers go through rigorous practice sessions to become able enough to teach in the best manner. We believe that our students who have completed their YTTC also continue to devote to yoga with the same passion and enthusiasm.

yoga teacher training

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Continue learning

Learning goes forever! It applies to yoga too. Once you have completed your teacher training course, the journey doesn’t halts. It is a good thing to enroll in yoga workshops, seminars and other intellectual programs that are linked to yoga. You will learn a lot and it will help you to teach better.

If you want to live your life as a yoga teacher, always learn new things and experiences about yoga. Yoga transforms us, it has transformed many and will help you become a better person.

In the end, Ekattva Yogshala congratulates every yoga teacher who has completed their yoga teacher training course and hopes for your bright future.

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