How to Select Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh?
yoga teacher training program rishikesh

Choosing yoga teacher training program Rishikesh can be a hectic task. It is the birthplace of yoga and hence has hundreds of yoga schools, ashrams, and facilities offering 200 hours yoga teacher training and retreats. This is the reason yoga students and aspirants often end up confused while selecting yoga teacher training program even after reaching Rishikesh, India.

Ekattva Yogshala is here to assist you with the task by sharing the most critical points to be kept in mind while choosing a yoga teacher training program or certification course in Rishikesh. In retrospect, you can use these points to find and choose the best yoga teacher training programs anywhere else in the world.

Here are the points to be kept in mind while shortlisting yoga teacher training certification course to kick-start your yoga teacher career or enhance your practice of the ancient art:

Yoga teacher training program recognition & module

Not every yoga school and ashram out there is recognized by reputed yoga certification bodies and has a team of university trained teachers. That’s why it makes perfect sense to confirm such details before selecting a yoga teacher training program Rishikesh & joining a yoga school. Yoga Alliance is the most renowned non-profit association representing the yoga community. Check if your chosen yoga school is recognized by association by visiting the Yoga Alliance website. Here’s our listing on Yoga Alliance website!

yoga teacher training program rishikesh

A fine balance between theory and practice

Most people thing that yoga is all about practicing yoga poses but it goes beyond that. Yoga requires deep understanding of yoga philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology as well. The right yoga teacher training curriculum will find the balance between theory and practice.

Make sure that there is sufficient attention to theory as well as practical sessions so that you understand the core concepts correctly. Confirm the duration and emphasis on practical sessions and teaching practice so that you get enough time to master the asanas as well. This is the best way to select yoga teacher training program Rishikesh.

Yoga teacher training program Rishikesh – Location

Learning and practicing yoga is also a spiritual experience and hence it requires the right environment. A yoga school located in a peaceful location and stress free environment is best to pursue yoga teacher training program. Yogis from across the world visit Rishikesh because it promises a pollution-free environment to practice the ancient art. So, select a yoga teacher training certification that brings the same benefits.

Experience and expertise of the faculty

Best yoga teacher training programs are run by a group of people who are passionate about yoga. Hence, it pays off to confirm the experience of your future teachers. The best yoga teachers have university education in yogic sciences and vast experience in teaching yoga principles and asanas.

Ask if yoga teachers and facilitators are proficient in Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga, Vinyas Flow, and Meditation techniques. It also pays off to check language proficiency if you are not comfortable with local (Hindi) or global language (English).

Yoga teacher training program Rishikesh – batch size

Personal attention matters the most when you are learning yoga or anything for that matter. In a really big yoga teacher training Rishikesh batch, yoga teachers and trainers are not able to give personal attention required to master the complex art. Your yoga teacher training program batch size has to be optimum, not too small and not too large. Ideally, 10-20 is good enough so that there is a good mix of students and opportunity for them to interact & learn from each other.

Hence, confirm the batch size before joining a yoga teacher training center in Rishikesh or anyplace else in India. or abroad

Above are the points in which top yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh, India, and rest of the world will score really high. Don’t forget to dig into them while choosing your yoga teach training destination!

Ekattva Yogshala was founded with the aim of providing a transforming yoga and spiritual experience. Currently, we are offering 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification at our Rishikesh based facility. Every batch brings a new batch at a minimal all inclusive yoga teacher training program fee of less than $1300.

Call +91 84470 45597 or send an email at to inquire about yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and discuss your travel queries.

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