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Why Yogis Love Rishikesh !
200 hours yoga teacher training in India

There is a mystical comfort in the incessant gurgles and splashes, swish-swish-swoosh-swoosh, of the river. It is like its currents can ablute off-and-away torturous burdens of the past and anxious palpitations of the future. Perhaps the constantly flowing waters carry the message of freedom, whispering in the ears as they pass by, “let go”. Somehow …

The Legitimacy of Desires
yoga in india ashram, yoga certification

Last week I was conducting a session on life and spirituality during one of my meditation and spirituality retreats in Chengdu (China). One of the attendees asked a very relevant question about desires which I am rephrasing below: Is having desires a bad thing? Now this is a very interesting subject and especially relevant to …

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh by Ekattva Yogshala – #Throwback
yoga retreat india, yoga retreats for beginners

With each passing year, yoga is gaining acceptance as the best means to physical health and inner peace. That’s why Ekattva Yogshala regularly hosts yoga teacher training batches and meditation retreats in Rishikesh for students and yoga enthusiasts. In this series a special introductory program was organized for a Chinese group of students in February 2017. …