Types of Yoga Certifications- Major Teacher Training Programs Covered!
types of yoga certifications

Yoga – ancient India’s monumental gift to the world – is the practice of finding balance within and outside. Anyone who wants to master yoga and teach it will know that different types of certifications exist. This often leads to confusion amongst aspiring yoga teachers planning to pursue a YTT certification. Ekattva Yogshala will today introduce you to the most popular types of yoga certifications so that you can make the right decision. 

On a global platform, there are 3 types of yoga teacher training certifications approved by the Yoga Alliance.

  • 500 Hours YTT
  • 300 Hours YTT
  • 200 Hours YTT

In this blog, Ekattva shares the difference between these certifications to help you understand their basic nature and choose which one works best for you. Let’s begin with type one certification!

500 Hours YTT certificate course

It is the longest duration YTT course which carries on for 60 days. During your 500 hours of teacher training at a yoga school or academy, you will get the opportunity to make yoga deep-dive. This course is also called a Master Level yoga course and majorly enrolled by yoga gurus who already have become part of 200 hours or 300 hours YTT programs. 

This yoga program is also the lengthiest one out of the three types of popular yoga certifications, almost the double of a 200 hours YTT course. 

The 500 hours YTT certification  program primarily focuses on:

  • Advanced techniques, training, and practice
  • Higher teaching methodology
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Pro-yoga philosophy/ethics/lifestyle
  • High-level practicum

This means if you are a beginner yoga practitioner, you are knocking on the wrong door for your yoga teacher training.  For you, 200 Hours yoga teacher training program will work best as it is the fundamental yoga teacher training program and every yoga teacher has to start from ground zero.

Moreover, 500 Hours YTT course will leave a hole in your pocket as this type of certification will cost you nearly 3 times the cost of 200 hours YTT!

(Note: Yoga Alliance only certifies a yoga teacher for 500 hours YTT if they have taught for 2000 hours and meets every requirement of a 200 Hours YTT.)

Are you a beginner and want to become a yoga teacher? Read about 200 Hours YTT program 

types of yoga teacher training

300 Hours YTT certificate course

According to Yoga Alliance, in a 300 Hour YTT Certificate program, the yoga student will practice and learn the key poses in each category of asana: 

  • Standing poses
  • Forward bends
  • Backbends
  • Twists 
  • Inversions

Once done, the YTT program will help the aspiring yoga teacher develop a relationship with both the form and the function of these different categories. As the training progresses, the yogi comprehends the alignment maps for each of asana category through observation and experience of how the poses in each category share a common foundation, and how to build upon this foundation.

300 Hours Yoga certification is the type of program where you will learn quite as much as you will practice in any other yoga course. Some yoga schools also offer therapeutic yoga courses in their curriculum which includes several kriyas and healing through Ayurveda.

Without any doubt, this type of YTT certification is good when you have time as well as money. As this will cost you nearly twice the fee in a 200 hours certificate program and at least 6 weeks of time.

200 Hours YTT certificate Course

When it comes to types of yoga teacher training certificate courses, 200 Hours YTT program is the most popular. It is also known as a foundation yoga teacher course where you need not have any previous yoga teaching experience. If you have your basics clear, you can easily enroll in a 200 Hours Yoga TT Certificate course and become a yoga teacher in just 30 days. All you need to do is register at a yoga school which is Yoga Alliance affiliated.

Make sure that your 200 hours YTT program covers below in its curriculum:

  • In-depth yogasana practice
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Pranayama & meditation
  • Principles of Ayurveda
  • Teaching practice

Read about destination Yoga teacher training before booking your seat at a yoga school! 

Most of the yoga schools offer 200 hours YTT will have a similar course structure shared above but in addition to that, also make sure that:

  • Yoga teachers are university-educated
  • Rooms are hygienic 
  • Meals are sattvic 
  • Team activities 
  • Outdoor adventures 
  • Amiable environment

Here’s what out yoga student say about the experience at Ekattva!

Coming to the cost part, a 200 hours yoga teacher training course can cost you over $1500 USD but some yoga schools like Ekattva offer the same at an affordable pricing of less than $1350 USD. 

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Above were the major differences between types of YTT certifications! We hope you must have got an idea about which type of certification is best for you. If you are a regular yoga practitioner and haven’t attended any yoga school yet, a 200 Hours YTT program will be the best certification to start your yoga teacher journey.

To enroll in Ekattva’s upcoming 200 hours YTT batches and get your queries answered, email at info@spiritualpunditz.com and start your yoga teacher journey today.

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