RYT 200 Yoga – What it Means For Aspiring Teachers
ryt 200 hour yoga

‘What does RYT 200 yoga mean?’ is a question that appears in the mind of every yoga enthusiast planning to pursue a certification or career in yoga. That’s why we decided to answer the same.

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is merit given to yoga teachers whose YTT certification and teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance requirements. This distinction is given by the Yoga Alliance itself.

Though the Alliance doesn’t accredit any yoga school, it insists that a yoga teacher must complete YTT from a registered yoga school. This is a universal standard for all yoga institutions.

Let’s discuss everything about a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in detail.

Why RYT?

RYT is like a degree or certificate of merit which earns goodwill in the yoga teaching realm. RYT 200 is a valuable asset for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a yoga teacher.

By enrolling in a certified yoga school and completing your YTT program successfully, you can get listed with the Yoga Alliance for RYT.

Who is a RYT?

A registered yoga teacher is an individual who has completed yoga teacher training from a recognized yoga school anywhere in the world. There are some major certifications which are essential for becoming a yoga teacher and the top ones are 200 Hours YTT and 100 Hours YTT.

RYT 200 yoga program is most popular amongst aspiring yoga teachers for its comprehensiveness and duration (almost one month).

Yoga Alliance & RYT connection

The Yoga Alliance is a directory which has the record of every registered yoga teacher across the globe. It is a one-stop place to find out who has completed which yoga course, from where and when. This helps in identifying the current skills and experience of a RYT.

Just like any other directory, it’s maintained by an association which confers credibility to an individual or group. It’s based on guidelines set by specific requirements.

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Benefits of RYT

Once you have completed your yoga teacher training program from a certified yoga school, be assured that you will become a registered yoga teacher. After completing the the YTT program, register with the Yoga Alliance by furnishing your credentials and YTT details.

Membership with Yoga Alliance allows access to a number of benefits to support your work. In addition to receiving your credentials as a RYT, you also gain access a variety of member perks including online workshops.

By now, you must have got a brief idea about what does RYT mean and its relation with the Yoga Alliance and YTT.

If you are familiar with the basics of yoga and want to become a certified yoga teacher in the future, here’s what you need to do!

5 Steps to become a RYT

Step #1

Planning to become a registered yoga teacher? The first and the most important thing is to shortlist yoga schools that hosts YTT program and finalize location. The top rated schools offer all-inclusive offering that covers food, accommodation, and outdoor excursions.

Step #2

Once you’ve decided where to go for your RYT program, it’s time to actually book your seat. Go for a yoga school that promises university trained yoga teachers and all the other amenities critical for completing your yoga certifcation.

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Step #3

Congratulations on enrolling in your yoga teacher training school! Once you have enrolled in your YTT program, it’s time to prepare for unlearning something things you know about yoga. Step in your yoga school with a clear mind and heart!

Step #4

Once you’ve started learning yoga at your RYT school, learn it to the fullest. During your month-long journey at the yoga school, immerse yourself in holistic learning. Interact with teachers to clear all your doubts.

Step #5

Once you’ve completed your YTT journey, you’ll be all set to register with the Yoga Alliance. Once done, you will become Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and can start your yoga teaching career.

Now that you are all set to teach yoga and become a RYT teacher, here are some tips about yoga teaching which will help you in pursuing your yoga teaching career in a professional manner.

Tips for RYT 200 yoga

  • Be the most original version of yourself. 
  • Be a positive arc of  energy. 
  • Don’t get restricted to asanas.
  • Use music as a meditation accessory.
  • Interact with your students.
  • Practice yoga in routine.
  • Create a balance between your thoughts and actions.
  • Try to stay positive.
  • Practice pranayama and meditation. 

This was everything about RYT in detail! 

By now, you must have found answer to ‘what does RYT means ‘and how you can become a registered yoga teacher.

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