Women Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India– Relaxing Getaway

Shakti Retreat is a special women yoga retreat hosted at our pristine yoga school in Rishikesh, India that is designed for the hardworking modern woman naturally endowed with compassion, she sometimes, prioritize the needs of others over her own individual goals and wellbeing.

It was different in the yesteryears when  her role was limited to household. Thankfully, the time has changed. The stronger gender has stepped out of the home for good and works equally hard in the male-dominated fields. Modern women plays multidimensional roles but sadly the responsibilities are taking a toll. The lack of concern for her own wellbeing encouraged us to step ahead and introduce a yoga retreat specially for her.

With Shakti Retreat, we aim to help women to break away from the challenges of family as well as workplace and take time out for relaxation & rejuvenation by engaging in yoga, meditation, and healing activities.

Below are key features of Shakti Retreat program for Women planned every week in Rishikesh, India by Ekattva Yogshala.

Weekend & Weekly Yoga Retreats for Women

Keeping in view the hectic schedule of our sisters, Ekattva Yogshala hosts variety of women only yoga & wellness retreats in Rishikesh, India:

  • Short long weekend retreat which lasts for 3 days
  • One week yoga retreat for women for 7 relaxing daysat our yoga school

There is also the provision of upgrading your weekend program to one week women yoga retreat program.

Pious Ganga Hawan for Spiritual Healing

Our women yoga retreat program includes holy Ganga Hawan which is a sacred purification ritual that gives you an opportunity to thank Mother Nature for the sacred gifts she has endowed on us. Feel humility and divinity seep through you, amidst the purifying Vedic chants and fire offerings (aahuti) on the magnanimous shores of Mother Ganga. The ritual is much loved by sisters who join us for women yoga retreat.

Yoga Sessions for Superior Physical Health

Practice yoga under the diligent guidance of our well-qualified teachers during your stay with us. These 60-90 minutes duration sessions are specially designed for beginners and aimed at enhancing health & wellness of the female form. The sessions are based on Hatha Yoga and once understood can be easily made a part of regular wellness schedule.

Further, our yoga teachers help participants align and adjust the asana as per the nuances of your body so that you get the maximum benefit without risk of injuries. In short, your experience at our women yoga retreat is tailored for you!

Yoga retreat for women

Relaxing Meditation and Yognidra Sessions

An evening meditation session is your best chance to push away the unwanted thoughts and worries while creating mind-space for peace and calm. When your mind is calm, you experience brighter insights, optimum creativity and life enhancing realizations. Our yoga retreats for women bring the same.

Shakti yoga retreat program for women comprises of meditation session followed by yoga nidra to dissolve away all the negative thoughts from your body and fill it with positive energy.

Activities to Make Your Stay Joyful

All work and no play is not how we do it! Between yoga practice and meditation sessions, we‘ve included many fun activities in our yoga retreat program for women. The activities are usually outdoors and nature friendly such as walks into the surrounding forests, stroll by the natural streams & river bank, leisure on the sand banks, treks to nearby ashrams and caves, and handicrafts shopping in the markets surrounding Laxman Jhula & Ram Jhula.

These activities are certain to make your days breezy and cheerful. These activities are also the reason why we are the first choice for women yoga retreats in Rishikesh, India.

Ayurvedic Massage for Supreme Relaxation

Ayurvedic massage not only treats the body but also the nervous system. Keeping the benefits of Ayurvedic massage in the mind, Shakti yoga retreat program have included an expansive session of Ayurvedic massage which will bring deep nourishment to body as well as mind. Experience this Ayurvedic massage and feel your bodily stiffness and strife melt under our trained masseur and wafts of aromatic oil.

Delicious vegetarian food

Yoga classes, meditation sessions, Ayurveda massage and fun activities are the biggest attractions of our yoga retreat for women but we have not left out food.  Ekattva Yogshala’s kitchen serves vegetarian dishes prepared from the freshest supplies by experienced cooks. The menu is Indian and we keep it aligned with the seasons.

Enormous Love and caring  

They say that technology is going to replace human effort one day but we beg to differ. No technology can ever replace nature, beauty, love, and everything that is humane. Our yoga retreats for women aim to spread love, kindness, and also helping women discover their inner light.

We, at Ekattva Yogshala, Rishikesh, believe in creating special moments by sharing quality time with each other & spreading love with intention.

Join Ekattva’s Shakti Retreat Program

Ekattva Yogshala hosts weekend (3 days) and weekly retreats for women at our yoga school located in Rishikesh, India. Send an email at info@spiritualpunditz.com or call at +91 844 704 5597 to become part of Ekattva’s Shakti Retreat Program.

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