Prenatal Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women- 10 Gentle Poses
Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women

Since conception to birth, the entire phase of pregnancy is very complex for the to-be mothers. Some expecting women going through health issues may experience troubles like backache, sore ankles, and morning sickness during their pregnancy. By practicing  some gentle prenatal yoga postures regularly, they can get rid of these problems.

Practicing yoga helps in overcoming the fear and complications by giving strength and endurance most required during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga also helps to fight the mood swings that often happen during this time.

Before beginning with the asanas that pregnant women can practice during pregnancy, here is a small disclaimer:

Since health risks are greater during pregnancy, Ekattva Yogshala strongly advised practicing these yoga poses under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher familiar with aspects of yoga modifications for pregnant women.

Now that we have ascertained your well-being, Ekattva Yogshaya shares with you the best yoga postures and asanas for pregnancy:

Prasarita Balasana- Extended child’s pose

Come onto all fours, open up your knees similar to the mat’s width and bring your toes top to touch the floor. Rest your hips on your heels and stretch out both of your arms. If you feel tension in the arms, you can maintain a relaxed posture by resting them by your side.


This prenatal yoga posture opens up hips, thighs and back. It also strengthens the entire back.

Upavistha Konasana- Wide seated forward fold

To initiate this pregnancy yoga pose, expecting ladies should sit on the ground and separate their legs as far as they can. Bending the knees without locking it, the forehands should be stretched forward and resting  down on the ground.


Upavistha konasana strengthens the legs and makes the pelvic region flexible which helps a lot during delivery.

Marjaryasana/Bitilasana- Cat-cow pose

This prenatal yoga posture starts by sitting on all fours and then letting the belly drop, lifting the tailbone and looking straight. This is cow pose. To-be moms should now round their spine and look at their belly button creating space between shoulder and shoulder blades (Cat pose). Cow pose is for inhaling and cat pose for exhaling.


Cat-cow yoga posture helps to tackle back pain that increased belly weight brings along with it.

Parsva Sukhasana- Seated side bend

Sit cross legged and keep your spine straight. Now lift your right arm up, bring your right hand off to the right, then side bend to the right. Take few deep breaths and once you catch up the energy, begin with the opposite side.


Practicing parsva sukhasana regularly will greatly help in eliminating back pain of the expecting mothers.

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Uttanasana- Standing forward fold

While standing in the mountain pose, keep your hands on your hips and feet hips-width distance apart or slightly wider. Start to hinge forward at the hips and keep your back straight as you fold. Stretch to your bending limit then soften your knees and relax moving into a forward fold. Grab opposite elbows with your hanging arms.


Uttanasana helps pregnant ladies to relax straightened hamstrings, calf, knees and thighs. Ultimately, it helps in bringing flexibility to their body.

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Viparita Karani- Legs-up-the-wall pose

To perform this prenatal yoga pose come next to a wall. Raise your legs up and dash your buttocks near the wall as close as possible. In case you have tight hamstrings or a sore back, maintain a few inches gap between yourself and the wall. Breath deeply while resting your arms beside you.


By practicing this yoga posture pregnant ladies can  get their hamstrings, thighs and feets relaxed.

Virabhadrasana-Warrior Pose

Place your feet apart in a hip-width position and pivot on the left foot. Move your right foot to face forward. Lower the pelvis, then assume a lunge. Keep looking straight and lift your arms above your head. Hold that position as long as possible. Release the pose, take a few breaths and repeat the process with the left foot forward.


Virbhadra pose benefits in frozen shoulders. It increases stamina and tones arms, legs, and back.

Baddha Konasana-Bound angle pose

Ladies, sit on the the ground bringing you feet bottom together in front of you. Wrap your hands around your feet and keep your spine straight for a few breaths. Once done, start to hinge forward your hips to deepen the stretch. Maintain this position for as much time you can hold.


Baddha konasana or the Bound angle pose benefits ovaries, bladder, and kidneys of the expecting women.

Matsyasana- Supported fish pose

Begin this prenatal yoga pose by laying on your back and placing a rolled up blanket or any other low support under your shoulder blades, just below your armpits. Seperate your arms out into a T-shape with palms facing up.  Maintain deep breathing during this pregnancy asana.


By performing supported matsyasana, expecting ladies will benefit their throat, chest, hip flexors, intercostals, and abdomen.

Malasana- Yoga squat

Turn out your toes while bringing your hips wider than the yoga mat. Keep your feet flat and drop down while maintaining straight spine. Bring your hands into namaste stance in front of your chest and widen the chest while breathing deeply.


Malasana is a great yoga posture to make your groin area flexible. This will help pregnant women during their labour a lot.

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By performing the above easy yoga postures, pregnant women will be able to tackle the health issues that birthing can bring with it. Besides the above benefits, prenatal yoga postures also help during pregnancy in several other ways like:

  • Yoga postures are great for maintaining flexibility. The more flexible your pelvic region is, the more easy will be the baby’s delivery.
  • Yoga and pranayamas offer breath control and relaxation which are needed the most during pregnancy months.
  • Morning sickness, painful leg cramps, swollen ankles, and constipation troubles are common during pregnancy. Yoga helps relieve from these too.
  • The major benefit of practicing yoga poses is a fast post delivery recovery. A healthy body recovers faster even during hard times.

Share your yoga knowledge with others by becoming a yoga teacher. Enroll in Ekattva Yogshala’s certified 200 hours yoga teacher training course and help pregnant women learn the benefits of prenatal yoga postures by becoming a trained yoga teacher.

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