Yoga Teacher Training Cost in India – 7 Must-know Facts
yoga teacher training pricing

Tens of thousands of yoga career aspirants visit India for yoga teacher training every year. While most are pretty clear about which course they wish to join, yoga teacher training cost is something that confuses a lot of them. And looking at the diverse fee structures of yoga schools, academies, and training centres in India, it seems quite natural. Looking at the confusion surrounding the yoga teacher training price in India, we decided to list out the most important details to help yoga teacher aspirants make an informed decision about joining a yoga teacher training program.

Here are the 7 must-know facts that will help you in deciding the correct yoga teacher training cost in India, no matter whether you are joining 100 hours, 200 hours, or 500 hours yoga teacher training course:

Cost varies from school to school

Being the birthplace of yoga, India is home to thousands of yoga teacher training centres and yoga training facilities that offer yoga teacher training courses and also run meditation retreats. Just like most educational institutions, the yoga teacher training fee varies from school to school and is mainly determined by amenities, yoga teachers, training fee, institute location, and more.

While some yoga schools are driven by the goal of delivering maximum value for students through their yoga teacher training programs at reasonable fee, few choose to make the whole experience a luxurious one and charge a premium amount. Hence, it would be best to look for multiple options before making a decision.

Cheapest is not the best

While searching for yoga teacher training courses in India, there is a fair chance of coming across yoga schools and teacher training facilities with unbelievably low course fee and a rather lengthy list of amenities & luxuries. There are also yoga teacher training centres that opt for a pricing that doesn’t include meals or private accommodation to make pricing lucrative for newbies.

When it comes to yoga teacher training certification, caution should be practiced while thinking cheapest as the best option. Reputed yoga teacher training courses usually include yoga training, accommodation, meals, yoga props, outdoor activities, and much more. In case we talk about month-long 200 hours yoga teacher training, the average cost fluctuates between $1200 and $1500. That said, also be wary of 200 hrs YTT course offerings that go above $1800.  

Go for all-inclusive

When it comes to yoga teacher training, the market norm is all-inclusive and practiced by some of the most reputed yoga teacher training centres in India. This means that the yoga teacher training cost will cover your YTT, everyday meals, accommodation, airport transfers, and other amenities which are bundled together. All-inclusive pricing also makes travel planning easy for first-time visitors and takes a lot of strain away from the whole process of visiting a country for the first time.  

There are few yoga schools that charge separately for hotel accommodation which pumps up the pricing. Hence, make sure that you opt for all-inclusive yoga teacher training course whether training in Rishikesh, Goa, or any other part of India.

Booking fee shouldn’t be huge

Yoga teacher training plans are usually made few months in advance, and to reserve a seat, students have to pay an advance fee. Reputed yoga schools take a small percentage portion of the yoga teacher training fee to book a seat, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if a yoga teacher training fee is asking more than 50% of the fee in advance and all of it is non-refundable, then, you have to be careful since last minute change in plans can lead to a monetary setback.

Since most yoga schools run small batches that have limited seats, charging a yoga teacher training booking fee makes sense. However, a paying a huge amount at the very beginning is something to ponder on. 

Early bird pricing makes a difference

In yoga teacher training industry, early bird discounts has gained popularity in last 2 decades. It helps yoga teacher training institutes make sure that they fill seats months in advance and run the batches smoothly. This also eases the pressure on program managers to fill seats in haste.

Booking months in advance will give you the advantage of claiming a good early bird discount and save funds while can be used at other aspects of your international travel. While early bird discounts are widely used in yoga teacher training field, reputed yoga schools sometimes opt to not mention the same in their website. Hence, it makes sense to inquire about the same during your conversation if the same hasn’t been mentioned.  

So, when you are figuring out the yoga teacher training cost, always think some months ahead.

Direct booking gives negotiation power

There are a lot of yoga training and retreat booking platforms that assist yoga schools facilitate bookings and accept payments from aspiring yoga teachers. However, such platforms charge a fee for the services rendered which is usually passed on to you. While the platforms are usually helpful as ‘discovery tools’, booking your yoga teacher training through them will cost you more.

The most cost effective option is to bypass such platforms and book your yoga teacher training course directly from the yoga school itself. This will give you more negotiation power in your hands.  

Think of small details

Yoga teacher training cost in India is influenced by small details, and it is important to figure them out before making your booking. Some yoga schools have different pricing for air conditioned and standard rooms. So, if you are visiting in a pleasant weather and the yoga school location is perfect, then, costing will automatically come down.

Some yoga schools don’t offer airport pick and transfer which means you will have to pay for the transfer fare. Such small details are usually shared in the yoga training program and verifying them will help you prepare better.

Yoga teacher training cost – Final thoughts  

Most of the above mentioned points about yoga teacher training cost are location independent, meaning that they apply even if you choose to pursue your 100 hours, 200 hours, or 500 hours yoga teacher training certification in any other part of the world.

If traveling to the foreign location, your yoga teacher training course fee and flight expenses will be the biggest contributors to the overall expense. So, if you can ‘win’ both, there is much to be saved!

Being one of the top yoga schools in Rishikesh, India, we are always striving to help aspiring yoga teachers and experienced practitioners make the right decision about their yoga teacher training certification.

Have more queries about yoga teacher training to improve your yoga practice or start your career? Send an email at  to speak our team of yoga teachers and program managers.

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