Online Meditation Program by Ekattva: Manage Stress, Relax, and More
Online meditation classes in India

The majority of us experience stress and anxiety due to the high workload and struggle to manage it. Thankfully, online and offline yoga courses focused on meditation and relaxation have come to our rescue. 

While thousands of people are taking advantage of online meditation programs to maintain peace of mind, some are not aware of online meditation courses. That’s why we decided to talk about our newly launched online meditation program in India. 

Read on to discover highlights, advantages, and considerations of joining meditation classes from the comfort of your phone.

Online meditation classes: Progam introduction

We started this online meditation and relaxation program to help corporate professionals, homemakers, and entrepreneurs overcome stress and achieve a calm state of mind. 

Hosted by Kalpendra Ji – one of our best yoga and meditation teachers in Rishikesh, this program brings live sessions straight from Rishikesh, India on meditation and breathing practices.

Online meditation classes in India

Investing just 60 minutes every day through our meditation program will help you in keeping stress away and your mind free from negative thoughts. 

Online meditation program duration and fee 

Over the course of 9 days, Ekattva Yogshala will guide the participants on Breathwork Awareness, Pranayama, and Yog Nidra. The fee per attendee is US$145 for 9 sessions of 60 minutes each. 

3 stages of the online meditation program 

We have divided our meditation program into three stages, namely:

Breathing Awareness: From day 1 to 3, we will focus on correcting the breathing instability by practicing breathing awareness. Our yoga teacher will help practitioners bring balance to their breathing. This stage includes 3 sessions of 1 hour for better control of breathing.

Pranayama: From day 4 to 7, participants will learn to acquire control over their breathing. It’s easier to control thoughts, emotions, and feelings once you master breathing. In this stage, there are 4 sessions of 1-hour duration each to understand the positive changes triggered in our body and mind through meditation and breathwork.

Yogindra & Meditation: After gaining control over breathing, the next step is to enter the stage of relaxation. During the last 2 days of our online breathing and meditation classes, our yoga guru will help participants enter a deeply relaxing state of consciousness. 

These 2 sessions of 1-hour each will help participants get more control over their thoughts, feelings, and inner body.

The below benefits will help you understand why it makes sense to invest in online breathing and meditation course.

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Online meditation classes in India

Benefits of joining online meditation classes

The benefits of becoming part of Ekattva’s online meditation program are humungous. Here are the major benefits: 

  • It will help you in getting rid of stress from everyday life. 
  • It will help you better understand yourself, connect with yourself, and improve your focus.
  • It will help in healing and managing physical & mental pain.
  • It will help overcome anxiety.
  • It will boost energy and even check aging.
  • It will help you learn new skills and techniques to meditate properly.

Joining our online meditation program is an experience of a lifetime but doing it incorrectly can bring limited benefits. That’s why we share considerations and guidelines with every participant before reserving a seat! 

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Considerations for online meditation classes

Without following the below considerations, it will be hard to take advantage of our online breathing and meditation course. 

  • Avoid eating for at least 2 hours before online meditation class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for free movement.
  • Pick a peaceful place in your home, balcony, or park.
  • Charge your laptop/phone before the session start and connect your earphone.
  • Mute yourself during the session and ask your queries after the session is over. 
Online meditation classes in India

Join an online meditation course with Ekattva 

We hope that the above program update helped you learn everything about our 9-day online breathing and meditation course in Rishikesh, India. If you think yoga and meditation are not for you, a lot of people choose to gift this program to someone they love. 

Have queries to ask about our online and offline yoga programs? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of yoga experts. 

Learn about our breathwork training in India or read our latest blog on virtual yoga classes to discover more programs. 

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