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Pranayama For Beginners- Types, Techniques & Benefits
Pranayama for beginners

Pranayama is ‘control of breath’ and is practiced commonly in Hatha Yoga. Since it brings vast range of health benefits and is part of many yoga routines, it is popular amongst yoga beginners. But before practicing Pranayama, understanding its types, techniques and benefits is critical. A state of healthy mind and body can be achieved …

Best Standing Yoga Asanas & Poses with Benefits
benefits of standing Yoga asanas

Standing yoga poses and asanas are considered building blocks of Yoga and are widely practiced to keep our body and mind in top shape. It is scientifically proven that majority of standing yoga postures enhance immunity, agility, muscular strength and also eliminates stress and anxiety. Ekattva Yogshala brings top 5 standing yogic postures that will …