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How should we overcome fear?

What is fear? When we are doubtful about our capability in handling a situation or challenge, we fear. When we suspect that things might go south, we fear. When we are focused on all the ways in which something might go wrong, we fear. When we think of losing something or someone very dear to …

From the Classroom – Minding Vagaries of the Mind

“I am generally nice but frequently lose control of my emotions. Happenings affect me, immensely. Something good happens, and I am over the top, and not knowing how to stay grounded. Something bad happens, and I am broken, not knowing how to contain (myself). Sometimes, I doubt that the proportion in which I react under …

Ekattva Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh (India)
200 Hours Yoga TTC

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh – Course Details 200 hour yoga teacher training’ doesn’t convey a lot to people just starting their yoga journey. That’s why we are sharing more course details and insights to give aspiring yoga teachers a better understanding of internationally certified Hatha yoga teacher training course from Ekattva Yogshala. …

Whatever We Focus On Becomes Beautiful
Whatever we focus on becomes beautiful

As my car was moving eastward on expressway on the night of 11 April, I chanced to glance outside the front screen of the car to be captivated by the striking beauty of pink full moon in clear April sky. It was a divine sight. A perfect luminous silvery disc dominating the ink blue summer …

Embrace the Emptiness
Embrace the Emptiness

Are we afraid of emptiness? Once I had read ‘work is the only remedy possible (for all miseries of life)’. Unfortunately, I had believed in the same for some considerable duration of time. No one can challenge the remedial nature of work. I too believe that contemplation alone does not solve problems, acting upon it …