30 Days Yoga Challenge: Benefits and Preparation Tips

Yoga challenges are a brilliant way to immerse yourself in regular yoga practice and see outcomes and personal development. A lot of beginners kickstart their yoga journey with a 7-day or 10-day challenge but if you are considering going for a 30 days yoga challenge, then, this blog is for you.  

According to a study by James Clear, it actually takes 66 days to develop a new habit. While a 66 days yoga challenge seems daunting to many, a 30 days yoga challenge seems practical. But what exactly are the benefits? Also, how should beginners prepare themselves for this challenge? 

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala will tell you about the benefits of taking on a 30-day yoga challenge. We will also share useful tips and ideas to prepare yourself for it. 

But first, let’s understand what this 30 days yoga challenge is all about! 

Note: this 30 day yoga challenge is not for beginners! It’s for people who are already familiar with yoga and want to go deeper 

What is a 30 Days Yoga Challenge? 

Ekattva Yogshala’s 30 days yoga challenge is basically a yoga teacher training certificate course that antes up men and women for teaching yoga techniques to youngsters, adults, and children. 

Perfect for people who are interested in taking a deep dive into the yoga world, it covers all theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. 

The yoga challenge involves learning the eight limbs, the chakra system, core postures, the ancient yoga stories, asanas, yoga theory, anatomy, teaching practice, and much more. Our 30 days yoga challenge also comprises experiential learning of unique techniques and concepts pioneered by highly experienced yoga teachers.

30 day yoga challenge for beginners

What are the Benefits of a 30 Day Yoga Challenge? 

Thinking about accepting the 30 days yoga challenge but don’t actually want to teach yoga afterward? Don’t let that put you off! Of course, this challenge is designed especially for aspiring yoga teachers but it is also up to scratch for dedicated yogis burning with curiosity.

Still not convinced why accept a 30 days yoga challenge? Well, we don’t blame you as you are not aware of its benefits. Here are the advantages of this rigorous 30-day yoga practice challenge: 

#1 Deep yoga learning 

No matter if you are a novice at yoga or even a yogi who has been practicing for many years, accepting a 30 days yoga challenge will give you a really deep understanding of yoga. It will provide you with tools to enhance your asanas practice. You will have a much broader insight into each pose, adjustment, alignment. You also will be able to avoid injuries.  

That’s not it! The 30 days yoga challenge for beginners will also upgrade your capacity to hold yoga poses, focus on your breath, and remain mindful.  

#2 More than asanas 

We said it earlier and we will say it again – 30 days yoga challenge is above and beyond perfecting yoga asanas. We want to let you know that practicing poses is just one limb of yoga. There are seven more yoga limbs that you may be unaware of. Our 30 days yoga challenge will tell you how yoga is more than just asanas. It will help you unravel the mysteries of the yoga world. 

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#3 Learn to embrace change  

One of the best benefits of taking our 30-days yoga challenge! The routine will not only disrupt your views on yoga but life as well. You will be attuned to a learning environment, be in touch with passionate aspirants, and get wise to unique perspectives on life. All of these will make you broad-minded and kind-hearted in nature. 

#4 Express creatively 

Creativity is not an option. It’s essential. The 30 days yoga challenge by Ekattva Yogshala will help you experience the outflow of creativity with your yoga practice. How? Since you will be learning and discovering new yoga asanas and practices, your perspective of mulling over and looking at the world will also be altered. 

Having a creative mind will not only help you acquire overall wellness but also precipitates recovery from troubling pains of the body as well as mind.

#5 Boosts life skills

Another benefit of accepting our 30 days yoga challenge! It will equip you with essential skills that you can get mileage out of in your entire life. Want leadership skills? You’ll get it. Want to improve communication skills? You’ll improve it. Want to gain confidence? You’ll gain it. In fact, you will have a deeper sense of compassion and more meaningful relationships because you have learned to be on the same wavelength with all human beings during the 30 days yoga challenge.

30 day yoga challenge for beginners

What are the Best Tips to Prepare for a Yoga Challenge?  

Now that you know about the meaning and benefits of our 30 days yoga challenge, we believe it’s high time we should tell you how to prepare for it. Are you ready? Let’s go! 

Here are some best tips for beginners to prepare for 30 days yoga challenge in 2022: 

#1 Set your intention 

They say energy flows where intention goes. So why not put it on the right track? The word CHALLENGE in our 30-days yoga challenge implies hard work, effort, and reaching a yoga goal. So, set your intention to practice purely for the love of yoga. 

By setting your intention, you will be able to construct a bridge between what you are going to work through on your yoga mat and what you will continue to focus your mind on when you step off your yoga mat. 

#2 Listen to your body 

Everything has its borders and limits. The same goes for the human body. Keep in mind that our 30 days yoga challenge is just a dare but not a punishment. During your yoga practice, listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right while performing a specific pose, just leave it. Be gentle with your body while preparing it for the challenge. Don’t push it off the ledge. 

Come out of the pose and change it a little while scrutinizing what feels right for your body. Always keep in mind – there is no ‘perfect’ pose to aim for. The expert yoga teachers are going to work on your mistakes during the 30-day yoga challenge after all. 

#3 Pick a regular time to practice 

One of the most important tips every yogi and yogini should consider. Scheduling is the art of planning your activities so that you can make up your mark in the time you have available. Pick up a regular time for preparing yourself for the 30 days yoga challenge. Some people find it easier to pick a specific time for practice. Others don’t. 

Not possible to stick to the same time each day because of life commitments? No problem. Just try to practice regularly and you will be fine. 

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#4 Track your progress 

A wise man once said, “track your progress bit by bit. That’s how you will know how far you have come.” He said it 100% right! Mark your self-practice off on a calendar or in your journal. Write down what yoga poses or meditation techniques you performed each day and what exactly you enjoyed about them. 

Also, note how well you perform each yoga pose every day. You may notice how erratically and efficiently you are practicing each pose as the day of starting the 30-day yoga challenge in Rishikesh, India approaches near. Our experts say that tracking your progress will positively reinforce your choice and keep you practicing.  

#5 Don’t worry about others 

Successful yogis never worry about what others are doing. We know you want to make a good impression on teachers during your 30-days yoga challenge (in terms of practice and as a person). But the goal of your journey should be to draw your focus inwards to prepare yourself for the challenge. So don’t worry about how well others are going to perform. Don’t compare your practice with them. 

Even during the 30-days yoga challenge in Rishikesh, India, try your best not to form any instant impressions and see people as they really are.

30 day yoga challenge for beginners

Above are some useful tips for beginners to prepare for a 30-days yoga challenge in 2022. As you witnessed above, accepting our yoga challenge is one of the best opportunities to share physical and spiritual advantages with others. Even if you don’t want to become a yoga teacher, it is still a promising way to promote health and wellbeing.

Struggling with kickstarting your yoga practice? Join our online yoga for everyone program! Our highly experienced yoga teachers will help you prepare for a 30-days yoga challenge. 

Got any queries to ask? Send them to info@spiritualpunditz.com and have them answered by our yoga experts. 

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