YTT 200 Training Certification Program In 2021: 7 Things To Look For

The 200hr YTT training program is one of the most recommended courses designed to give students a strong foundational understanding of the traditional yoga and postures. It is an opportunity to experience the vastness of yoga that’s difficult to experience in a 60 or 90 minutes class.

However, with so many yoga schools offering the 200hr YTT program out there, it becomes difficult for yoga enthusiasts to decide which program is right for them. If you are one of them, then this post is made just for you. 

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala will tell you about 7 important things to look for before joining a 200hr YTT training program in 2021. Our checklist of considerations will help you narrow down the search for a 200hr ytt course that best suits you and your yoga goals. 

Here are 7 important things to look for in 200 hr YTT program: 

#1 Safe asana practice 

The first and foremost thing to look into 200 hours of the YTT program. A good yoga program is all about making yoga safe for everyone in the class. Yoga is a wonderful practice when done safely. It’s no mystery that yoga injuries have been on the rise in the past few years. So, make sure the yoga studio you are about to join is run by experienced teachers and underline the do’s and don’ts for safety and efficacy. 

Also, check out if they make changes to the sequence of yoga classes. A good 200 hr YTT program will teach alignment and sequencing carefully to help minimize repetitive stress.

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#2 Yoga anatomy 

This is a big part of a 200hr YTT training program. Building anatomy knowledge is an inroad to understanding the science behind the practice. Make sure your teacher training program has a strong anatomy section. Ask the program manager of your potential 200hr YTT certification program about the depth and vastness of anatomy sessions. . 

Having a strong understanding of yoga anatomy will not only deepen your own understanding of the yoga poses but will also empower you to bring a lot of mindfulness to your teaching in public and private yoga classes. Knowing your anatomy is going to pay off big time in the long run.  

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#3 Yoga school experience 

Another important aspect to look for before joining a 200 hr YTT training program. A yoga teacher training school is just like a cascade – everything you learn will roll down from the top. It’s important to select a yoga school that is reputable and has vast experience in running YTT certification programs. It should at least have conducted 50+ 200 hrs YTT batches and could deliver testimonials from students who become yoga teachers from there. 

Check out public feedback on the studio’s website, Trustpilot, and Google. Good yoga schools are also written about on social media and blogs. Also, don’t hesitate to connect with shortlisted yoga schools about specific questions. A 200 hr ytt academy worth its salt will be more than happy to talk you through finer details of its yoga courses. 

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#4 Evaluate course syllabus 

Every YTT certification, be it a 200 hr course or a 300 hr program, requires a minimum number of hours devoted to aspects like posture labs, anatomy, history, and philosophy. You might feel less than interested about some course aspects but all of them have their share of YTT weight. So, make sure to evaluate the course syllabus for the balance of subjects taught. 

Study the curriculum and ask about how many hours are dedicated to each topic if not already defined. Pick a 200 hr YTT program that speaks your language. By doing so, you will gain an understanding of how to weave each section into your practice and your life. 

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#5 Research on instructors 

Check up on the yoga teacher with whom you will be part of your 200 hr ytt training course. Ask them how long they have been teaching; how long they have been doing yoga teacher training; and who trained them? Take some public classes with teachers who will be on your 200 hours of teacher training faculty as well. 

When you are learning to teach, it goes without saying that your own teachers should be a role model and source of inspiration. Therefore, make sure you are enjoying their teaching style and are able to connect with them. Teachers at Ekattva Yogshala are friendly and help students gain a deep understanding of yoga. 

#6 Yoga alliance certified

One of the most important things to check out before joining a 200 hr YTT training course. As the international recognition body of yoga, the US Yoga Alliance has underlined how a 200 hours of yoga teacher training program should look like and bring to the table. If you want to teach at some point in the future, make sure the yoga school you prefer is certified by Yoga Alliance. 

We know it might not seem all that yogic but still an important point to keep in mind while you are program shopping. This doesn’t mean training at a yoga school that’s not Yoga Alliance certified is a mistake. It’s just that your chances of teaching at renowned studios may be diminished if you ignore this credential while making a decision in 2021. 

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#7 Number of students 

In the world we live in, more always seems better. A shop that’s crowded has to be good. In the case of 200 YTT practice, this rule doesn’t apply. When it comes to choosing a yoga teacher training certification, focus on quality of experience that is uniquely personal. You will receive more individual attention, thorough feedback, and comprehensive classes in a smaller batch of a 200 hr ytt certification program. 

Moreover, small batches will enable you to form close relationships with your peers in a hands-on intensive learning environment. You will get a better understanding of practical anatomy, adjustments, and teaching opportunities throughout the 200 hr ytt training course. 

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Choosing the right 200 hr ytt course – Final words 

A 200 hr ytt adventure is an entirely different journey that will be unique to you. When it comes to selecting a yoga school, you will ultimately end up going with your guts and trusting your intuition. However, by considering the above 7 tips, you will get the right direction to choose the best yoga school for 200 hr yoga teacher training. 

Make sure to take time when deciding about where and with whom you will undertake your first yoga teacher training. Send us an email at in case of asking queries regarding the 200 hr ytt program. Our yoga experts will be happy to help you out! 

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