And so it begins…
So it Begins

His eyes beamed bright, bright enough to light up the dark summer evening that had engulfed the familiar sight around us. His bright eyes focused on me as if recognizing me from long past as he pointed with his right hand towards a large Pipal tree by the temple in the ashram yard. He gestured me to sit with him for the conversation that I had wanted to have for so long.

Can a small conversation with a total stranger induce a state of liberation? Can a small encounter change you for life? Well, I say yes. Some say change is a gradual process like the transformation of seasons. But it can also be a sudden event, like falling from a cliff.

For me it has been latter, akin to a bomb that has exploded; however, I suspect that the fuse was lit inside all along.

Don't work for success, work for passion.
So it begins

We met on the ghats of Ganga a little over two years back. I, an inquisitive commoner fighting between the tug of wings and roots. He, an unstoppable force, a man with a mission. Ours is a natural partnership, I can sum it up in few words ‘fuel meets the fire’.

“Don’t work for success, work for passion” he had said during that first dialogue that I had with him that opportune evening, under the Pipal tree.

Many meetings and dialogues later, today, through this digital space and for our passion, we are laying foundation for sharing our experiences and learning as we collaborate for Spiritual Punditz – a way to wellness based on the core principles of Prayer, Nature, and Love through the practice of Yoga.

Love and light,

Punam for Spiritual Punditz

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