Becoming a Yoga Teacher at 40 or 50 – Everything You Need to Know
becoming a yoga teacher at 40

Is becoming a yoga teacher in 40s or 50s possible? This thought comes to almost every yoga lover in this age group considering yoga teaching as a career. If being a yoga student in late 40s and beyond is possible, than becoming a yoga teacher too is feasible.

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala shares what it takes to become a yoga teacher in your midlife, its perks and challenges that you will come across your journey of being a yoga teacher in 40- 50s.

Since you started thinking about becoming a yoga teacher in your forties, it won’t be wrong to assume that you have been practicing yoga for some years now!

Let’s begin with top 5 perks of becoming a yoga teacher in your midlife!

You understand yoga better

With years of practice, you understand the complexities of yoga better than most young yoga teachers out there. In your 40-50s, you have a better understanding of what’s going on in every pose and hence will understand how to communicate those nuances to your students. A young yoga teacher on the other hand is still going through such realizations and is in the midst of understanding  yoga philosophy.

Therefore, if you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher in your 40s or early 50s, consider your age as a good factor!

becoming a yoga teacher at 40

You are more mature 

As we get older, we become more dedicated towards what we do and don’t waste our energy on trivial matters. Yoga over the passage of time – even if practiced on one’s own – softens your heart, both physically as well as metaphysically. Yoga pushes you to your limits, and no one wants to be in the hands of a tutor who is already tangled up in their early age journey.

Your age here, once again builds a solid platform for you to become a yoga teacher in your midlife or at 40 or 50.

You have read yoga literature

Besides practicing yoga over the years, there is a possibility that you have also read a good amount of yoga literature. A short talk at the beginning or the end, sometimes accompanied by a reading works great for the students to boost up their interest in practicing yoga. You can only speak up and answer doubts if you have read the yoga books written by yoga masters.

A young yoga teacher may teach yoga with energy and passion, but can lack the core understanding of yogic philosophy.

You are enlightened

If you are a 40-50 year old yoga enthusiast, you are a vessel with decades of experiences and knowledge. You will love to teach yoga and will dedicate time as well as energy to your students. You won’t be in a hurry to rush for other things and this is what every yoga student wants from their teacher – TIME!

If you are planning on becoming a yoga teacher in your midlife, this is a wise decision and there is a huge chance that it will turn out to be the best decision of your life!

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Your students will trust you

You might have started teaching late, but years of experience has made you practice yoga the way it’s meant to be performed. Therefore, your students will trust you more while you teach them yoga. A young yoga teacher on the other hand will face some problems while teaching since some students will be of the same age or even older!

As humans, we tend to develop trust easily in an aged, experienced person rather than a person of the same or younger age.

While above were the most prominent perks of becoming  a yoga teacher in your 40-50s, there are some things to keep in mind before taking the giant leap.

Challenges will come as soon as you start living your yoga teacher dream. Do think about them before you begin your journey as a yoga teacher in your midlife. And don’t get demoralized, these are just a few obstacles that ought to be jumped!  

  • As we age, we gain experience, but we lose strength, agility and endurance. You will have to work hard to stay in shape. You will have to take up a healthy diet regime and exercise plan to stay in top shape and set an example for your yoga students.
  • Starting yoga teaching in 40-50s will bring up some criticism like ‘why not earlier?’ Your family might also object your decision of dumping your current profession and becoming a yoga teacher. Be prepared to answer these questions with sincerity and confidence.
  • Quitting your career will give you a financial burden initially. When you had just begun teaching yoga, there will be a limited number of students and you will have to adjust with rising competition. But with time, your students will increase and you will start earning good.

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becoming a yoga teacher at 50

Become a yoga teacher in 40s & 50s

With age comes maturity, patience and persistence. Someone who is in 40s or 50s has experienced life closely than a young yoga enthusiast. Similarly, a yoga guru of similar age has experienced yoga and knows how to do it the right way, which comes with continued practice of years.

No matter what age you are, if you think, breathe and dream of becoming a yoga teacher, you can achieve your dream in your 40s and 50s.

Are you in your fifties and planning to become a yoga teacher? Email us your queries at and we will help you out with everything!

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