Choosing Best Yoga Teacher Training Program in India – Detailed Guide

Choosing the best yoga teacher training program in India can be a tough task because there are thousands of yoga centers which offer multiple yoga teacher training programs. Yoga beginners as well as experienced practitioners are often confused as how to select best yoga teacher training center in India which will fulfill their training needs and yoga objectives.

Considering the dearth of content related to this topic on the Internet, Team Ekattva planned this highly informative blog post. Keep following points in mind while choosing best yoga teacher training course in India and we assure you the best yogic experience!

Location of your Yoga TTC

A beautiful location with positive energy should be your foremost priority while choosing the best yoga teacher training program.  Your yoga school should be located in a peaceful and stress free environment, which makes best setting for yoga teacher training and practice. Yogis from across the world visit Rishikesh (India) because it promises a spiritual environment to practice yoga. So, choose a yoga teacher training certification program that brings the same benefits.

Yoga teacher training course curriculum

People think yoga is all about practicing but this is not right. A well-designed course curriculum ensures proper understanding of yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, yoga poses, physiology, and much more. Before joining any yoga center in India, make sure that you also give sufficient amount of attention towards the course curriculum to understand the core concepts correctly. This is the best way to search yoga teacher training schools for your certification program.

Choosing Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

Expertise and experience of teaching staff

While yoga schools are multiplying day by day, not all of them have experienced yoga teachers and instructors. The best yoga teachers have university education in yogic science and vast experience in teaching yoga in multiple yoga schools & centers. When you are searching for a yoga school to pursue YTT, ask whether yoga teachers are proficient in Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow and meditation techniques. Also inquire about the language skill-set of instructors especially if you are not an English speaker.

Since maximum interactions will happen with your teaching staff, this detail becomes one of the most important ones to double check.

Outdoor and fun activities

To make their courses diverse, engaging, and fun, some yoga schools host outdoor activities for students and gave them a chance to explore nature, and yogic legacy. For relaxation of mind after exhausting teacher training classes, yoga schools often plan fun outdoor activities and keep leisure time for yoga aspirants. Such outdoor activities add to the versatility of the program.

Top yoga schools of India also help visiting students explore local culture by helping them participate in local festivals and celebrations. Therefore, the best yoga teacher training schools includes the variety of outdoor and fun activities in their package.

Choosing Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

Accommodation and healthy food

Another important consideration is accommodation and healthy food if you are choosing best yoga teacher training program. Visiting a yoga school means adapting a new lifestyle for the duration of your stay. Most yoga academies, especially in Rishikesh, don’t serve meat and alcohol of any kind.

All inclusive pricing make travel planning easy and takes away a lot of strain. So, it always pays to go for an all-inclusive yoga TT program. There are many yoga schools that charge separately from accommodation which generally increase the pricing. Make sure you opt for all inclusive yoga TT course whether training in Rishikesh, Kerala, or any other part of India.

Claim early bird discount

Top yoga academies offer early bird discounts to fill seat months in advance, and it will be silly to not benefit from it while choosing yoga teacher training course. Look for early bird discount offers from shortlisted yoga teacher training centers to make huge savings before booking. Email at to claim $200 early bird discount for booking 2 months in advance.

Choosing Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

Confirm yoga school recognition

Before making payment to any yoga school, check whether it is recognized with Yoga alliance or not. There is no dearth of yoga training centers that don’t have necessary certifications and approvals to conduct professional yoga classes and give certification. 

Yoga Alliance is the non-profit body which represents the yoga community and helps students in decision making. This association represents the best yoga schools across the globe. Check whether your shortlisted yoga school is recognized by Yoga Alliance or not.

Confirm affordability

No yoga course fee standards exist in the world of yoga. While some yoga schools charge more than $2000 for 200 hours yoga teacher training course, others can deliver the same at less than $1400. There can be huge disparity in yoga program fee amongst yoga schools and training centers based in the same location. Hence, this is something that needs to be checked before making the final decision.

Compare course curriculum, course highlights, and amenities promised with price to get the best deal while choosing yoga teacher training program in India, USA, or any other place.

Check batch size

Batch size can make a huge difference in your interaction with teachers. Big batch size means there is a small chance of the yoga practitioner will personally address your queries or correct your posture. A small batch size of yoga teacher training program means presiding yoga teachers will be always observation your improvement and sharing feedback.

In short, joining a YTT batch with fewer students will lead to better interactions and more improvement.

Whether you choose to pursue Yoga TTC in India or any part of the world, above points will help you find the best yoga school for furthering your yoga career. Being the top yoga school of Rishikesh, India, we always look forward to helping aspiring yogis and experienced practitioners to make the right decision about yoga teacher training certification program.

If you have more queries on how to improve your yoga practice and start your yoga career, send an email at to speak with our team of yoga teachers.

Ekattva Yogshala is a yoga school in Rishikesh trusted by yoga enthusiasts and professionals for online meditation classes in India, breathwork classes in India, and 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Our yoga and wellness programs are designed to impart, guide, and train students in a yogic way of life while learning to cultivate a harmonious lifestyle. Email us at to inquire about upcoming batches.

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