Destination Yoga Teacher Training – Complete YTT Checklist
Destination yoga teacher training

The biggest question for those who want to pursue yoga teacher training is ‘where to learn yoga?’ The concept of destination yoga teacher training has been garnering interest of learners from past couple of decades. While the idea of going to an unfamiliar land for few weeks to master yoga is fascinating, it has its share of challenges as well. This has made choosing a yoga teacher training school a daunting task

In this blog, Ekattva has prepared a YTT checklist to help students choose the best destination yoga teacher training for their certification while covering what to expect from it and what not to! But before that, here’s a quick introduction of destination yoga teacher training for those who are not familiar with the term:

Destination yoga teacher training means going to a faraway place to join a yoga school or academy offering residential YTT program. Here, yoga students stay the whole duration during their training program and experience the yogic way of life through classes, activities, & sessions scattered throughout the day. 

Now, let’s move on to our residential yoga training checklist!

Destination yoga teacher training checklist

It’s a human tendency to have expectations. This goes well with destination yoga teacher training too. When you have answered the question “Am I ready to become a yoga teacher” and decided to enroll in a destination yoga TT course, it’s time to brood on the elements that will help you pick the best yoga institute.

Below is the destination yoga training checklist that will help you discover the best yoga schools out there:

Think location

Yoga is the amalgamation of mind, body and soul. Hence, what could be better than the lap of nature to practice yoga? Equally important is the yoga heritage of the place where you will learn the ancient art. There are very yoga schools across the world that promise both.

Rishikesh -also known as the yoga capital of the world – is visited by tens of thousands of yoga enthusiasts for destination yoga teacher training. If Rishikesh doesn’t appeal to you, make sure that you pick a place that bring both yogic heritage and best of nature.

Destination yoga teacher training

Genuine certification

Though there are thousands of destination yoga schools around the globe, not all of them are Yoga Alliance certified. Certified yoga schools are favored by yoga career aspirants since Yoga Alliance is a U.S. based non-profit that has set quality standards & guidelines in yoga teacher teaching.

If you plan on joining a destination program like 200 hours YTTC, make sure you join a Yoga Alliance recognized school so that it’s easier for you to register yourself with Yoga Alliance later on!

Student count

Yoga demands time and attention. If your chosen destination yoga school runs programs with large number of batch size, write it down you won’t learn it the way it’s meant to be learnt. When it comes to deciding the best destination yoga teacher training program, choose a yoga school that promises small batches (6 to 10 students per batch).

By ascertaining small batch size, you will ensure personal attention from teachers and get answers to your every yoga query.

Destination yoga teacher training

Reputation check

Don’t fall for the looks! There are destination yoga schools that promise luxury holiday-like yoga teacher training program on their websites and social media pages. Check the reviews of former students and also connect with them to get first-hand feedback. Video yoga student reviews are extremely help!

Reputation check is crucial because you will be spending a long time at destination yoga training program and also pay a decent amount.

Destination weather 

Weather is a big factor in destination yoga teacher training since every country has unique climate and most of us have different climate preferences. Tropical countries like India experiences all the seasons throughout the year. Weather also varies from region to region in certain countries.

If you are a summer person, then, it certainly doesn’t make sense to book your destination yoga teacher training in winters. Long story short, take a look at the destination weather before enrolling!

Ready for your YTT? Know everything about 200 hours Yoga TTC here!

Destination yoga teacher training

Tuition Fee

Some yoga schools offer residential yoga teacher training at very low fee while others come at a bigger cost. Do your research and choose according to your budget. When it comes to yoga TTC, expensive is not always better. The difference is usually in the amenities offered at the facility.

At times, good destination yoga teacher training programs are scaled at off-season or on discounts. Claiming early bird discount is also a great way to complete your certification at less spend.

Before enrolling for a destination yoga teacher training program, consider the above checklist and you will be able to select the best yoga school to begin your yoga teacher journey.

As a bonus, we are sharing some realities about yoga teacher training which no one will tell you. Don’t worry! It will help you prepare better for your Yoga TTC.

Reality check – YTTC

  • Prepare to unlearn- Don’t enter the yogshala thinking you know everything. This is a must for yoga teachers enrolling to enhance their expertise.
  • Satsang on the Sutras and the anatomy of the scapula might make you cry. As every distraction fades away, you will accept the things as they are.
  • Rigorous yoga sessions will drench your body most of the times. As the toxins get kicked out of your body, a re-coil is obvious.
  • There will be times when you will feel like escaping from your destination yoga teacher training program. Don’t run, hang on!
  • Your beliefs will change as you discover the power of yoga. Overall, the perception you have been living with your entire life will change.
  • You might get attached with your yoga teacher at your YTT program. Spiritual intimacy spreads even without touching the hands.
  • Your definition of friendship will change. Now it’s all about friendship of souls. Existing relations may seem not-that-interesting when you complete your YTT.
  • Time spent at your destination yoga teacher training program will change your life forever. You will see what you never imagined, you will believe which you disagreed before.
  • You will be a happier, better individual once you’ll come out of yoga school. After completing  Yoga TTC, you’ll actually come alive.

These aren’t just realities, but inspiration to join destination yoga teacher training program and become a certified yoga instructor.

If you want to become a yoga teacher, there’s no better place than Yoga’s birthplace itself to learn traditional yoga.  Send in your queries at to learn more about our upcoming 200 hours YTT batches and prepare to become a university certified yoga teacher.


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