Embrace the Emptiness
Embrace the Emptiness

Are we afraid of emptiness?

Once I had read ‘work is the only remedy possible (for all miseries of life)’. Unfortunately, I had believed in the same for some considerable duration of time. No one can challenge the remedial nature of work. I too believe that contemplation alone does not solve problems, acting upon it does. What I want to highlight however is that work is not a panacea.

Beware! lest your workaholism should not be escapism or excuse in disguise. It is fairly easy and quite preferable to run away from the harsh reality, hide away from naked truth, avoid the nagging questions, or adopt selective amnesia by surrendering to endless work, morning to night.

Embrace the Emptiness
Embrace your emptiness

Some work endlessly towards a meaningful goal or for a passionate cause and some toil endlessly away from the chattering mind or a feeling of emptiness. Some work endlessly to make their ends meet and some toil endlessly to not meet a certain thought at the end of the day.

While emptiness is uncomfortable but it is a purging company. If you have an empty feeling, don’t try to fill it with noise (of cinema, disc, gossip, crowd et. all.). If you have an empty feeling sit with it, listen to it, feel it. Soon enough it will start communicating with you. It will not ask questions. Rather it will start answering the questions that you had not dared ask yourself yet.

Emptiness is like a loud thundering storm. It will be loud, hard, cold, dark, and threatening. It will lash the trees and roofs of your fears and misconceptions, tearing them apart and uprooting them. But when it is over it will leave behind a debris, a debris of your false beliefs and weaknesses. But amidst this debris you will also find firm foundations and strong trees of realization standing tall and victorious in a bright new light.

Embrace your emptiness, as it is that which will bring you clarity.

Love and Light,

Punam for Spiritual Punditz

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