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hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Ekattva is known for hatha yoga teacher training, India, and is devoted to take yoga to everyone. Besides hosting 200 hours yoga teacher training program and meditation retreats at our Rishikesh based yoga school, we also mobilize our team of yoga teachers and practitioners to hold local yoga events and yoga training sessions.

In July, our team organized a Hatha Yoga based yoga retreat and training session for yoga enthusiasts visiting Rishikesh from across the world with Ravi Bisht Ji, our renowned yoga teacher and spiritual guru. This hatha yoga training session was an extension of our residential hatha yoga teacher training, India course.

Here are few visions from the Hatha yoga training session organized at Ekattva Yogshala:

Parvatasana (The Mountain Pose)

Parvatasana or the Mountain pose is the 4th and the 9th pose in the sun salutations, the ‘Surya Namaskara’. In Sanskrit “Parvata’ means mountain. The pose looks like a mountain from the sides and hence the name Parvatasana.

hatha yoga teacher training IndiaThis is a complete body stretch and enhances blood circulation bringing about many fold benefits to the practitioners. Of note is its role in strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs. It enhances blood circulation to brain bringing about alertness and tones the spinal nerves and sends good flow of blood to the spinal region. If you have pursued hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India or anywhere else in the world, then, you must be familiar with this pose.

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Raja Kapotasana (The King Pigeon Pose)

In Sanskrit “Raja” means King and the meaning of ‘Kapot’ is Pigeon. It is a reclined or backbend pose that makes the mid-section puff up, in this manner taking after the position of a pigeon, hence the nomenclature. The is an advanced level posture and performed in a seated position.

hatha yoga teacher training India

Rajakapotasana stretches entire lower body and stimulates the abdominal organs, thereby improving digestion. It strengthens the back and relieves in back problems like sciatica. The profound stretch calms the body of anxiety and tension. It opens up the mid-section (chest) and reinforces the crotch.

King pigeon pose likewise enhances the working of the urinary and reproductive systems. Yoga lovers must have witnessed this in Hatha yoga teacher training classes or videos.

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Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)

This is a beginner level standing posture with manifold benefits. The asana is performed with open eyes to maintain balance. This posture also gives a good stretch to the entire body and opens up groins, hips, hamstrings, and calves and also the chest, spine, and shoulders. It stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestion. It helps reduce back pain and sciatica. It is also helpful therapy for flat feet, osteoporosis, neck pain, and infertility and reduces stress and anxiety.

hatha yoga teacher training India

Hatha yoga teacher training India (Rishkesh) or anywhere else in the world will introduce you to many such simple yet highly beneficial asanas. Our residential 200 hours yoga teacher training course not only focuses on physical health but also helps students attain mental and spiritual well being.

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Ekattva is one of the most distinguished hatha yoga teacher training center in India and is visited by students from across the globe for yoga YTT and retreats. We have been decorated with title of best yoga school in Rishikesh by top media sites and yoga lovers.

Write to us at info@spiritualpunditz.com for more information on Hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India or call at +91 8447 045 597 to inquire about our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course and 7 Days Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh.


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