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Namaste!  My name is Kim Nicole Johnson and I’m here to share my life illuminating yoga journey and experiences in Rishikesh, India! I am from the USA and have been living in the United Arab Emirates for last 4 years. I recently relocated back to the USA to spend time with my family and grow my yoga practice personally and professionally.

This blog is about my love for yoga and how I have become better at it by spending a month in Rishikesh. Let’s start from the start though. Shall we?

Beginning of my yoga journey

I attended Bikram yoga classes several years ago in Oakland, California and fell in love with the yoga practice. Yoga beautified my life and made humongous difference in my personal health & well being.  I think yoga is an opportunity to learn & practice kindness to yourself and others on a daily basis, finding out who you are spiritually and developing strength and knowledge of the asanas. My first experience with the traditional Indian art was simply mind blowing

Magnificent Rishikesh

There were no challenges or any limitations about coming to Rishikesh for yoga training.  I knew in my heart I was supposed to arrive in the birthplace of yoga to enhance my practice and experience its true spirit. Rishikesh became  second home to me when it comes to yoga and offered so much that my heart & mind was probably not prepared to contain it all. Thankfully, I manage to seep in the most of it!

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Gentle therapeutic yoga

My experience of learning yoga in Rishikesh has been amazing!  The energy of the city is something you cannot explain in words.  It’s a feeling of authenticity, purity, love and pure joy.  I feel as though I got back to the basics of life.  The program, the teachers, and the day-to-day experiences acted as a guide and delivered exactly what I needed.

Yoga for me, is now more than practicing asanas.  It is a journey of self discovery, forming true connections with others and a lifetime of learning.  I have made true friendships that I’m truly blessed to have.  Lastly, I am grateful to the teachers because of their expertise, kindness and compassion! Ekattva Yogshala is such a wonderful place to explore the depth of yoga.

Personal learning

I have learnt yoga in the West and I have learnt yoga in a traditional yoga school in Rishikesh, India. One thing is crystal clear:

There is a huge difference in the type of yoga practiced and taught in both places. If you are planning to undertake yoga training, here are some of my personal learning and recommendations:

  1. Visit Rishikesh to experience the true nature of yoga. No place else can match if you want a true yogic experience.
  2. Have an open mindset to experiences new things. You will have to unlearn a lot of things and that’s okay.
  3. View yoga as a journey of spirituality and discovering your inner self. Please don’t look at it simply as a career opportunity.
  4. Keep your heart and mind open. Vibes speak louder than words.

A soulful experience

My yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India has reinforced my personal and professional goals.  Ekattva Yogshala is a yoga school that is working towards a vision and give their 200% to make sure that international students have the best learning environment & experience.

I will come back to Rishikesh and complete my 500 hours yoga teacher training course, probably from Ekattva itself.  I also want to continue my training in energy healing, Reiki to help others.  I am committed to my yoga journey, like never before.

Thank you, Ekattva!

Kim Nicole Johnson


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