Find Your Meditation Style With These 4 Yoga Practices
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Meditation has been scientifically proven to check anxiety, improve health, and increase happiness. It is the beginning of a journey into the inner depths of your heart and mind. But did you know there are as many meditation styles as there are sports? 

Sorting through meditation styles can be a lot like sifting through schools for 200 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh, especially when you are a beginner.  That’s why we have decided to help! 

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala will tell you about different styles of meditation. By finding a style that compliments your whole, you will not only be able to experience joy but also stay committed to the practice. 

Meditation self-assessment 

Before you begin the hunt of finding your meditation style, it is important to check-in with yourself and do a quick assessment. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you find increased focus through movement?
  • How does your body feel? Are there any places where it feels heavy or stuck?
  • Do you need help to focus?
  • Do you have a lot on your mind, more than usual?

Ask yourself these questions. In fact, if something else keeps coming to the mind, take notice and try answering it. Your acknowledgments to these questions will help in determining which style of meditation is most suited for you. 

meditation style

Different styles of meditation 

The following is a list of the most popular styles of meditation. Discover which one speaks to you: 

#1 Focused meditation style

Focused meditation style is a general label for any sort of meditation that centers the five human senses. In this type of meditation, you will commonly be asked to concentrate on the flow of your breath – as it moves in and out of your body and pulses energy throughout your body. 

Unlike classic meditation, you will still remain in the present but focus wholly on one thing. You can also focus on sensory stimuli such as sounds, visual items, tactile sensations, tastes, and odors. 

How to perform a focused meditation style? 

Following are the steps to perform a focused meditation style: 

  • Choose a target of your focus: Select the object you want to focus on. We believe focusing on your breath is a wise choice since it is the entry point to any meditation practice. 
  • Get into a comfortable position: If you are sitting on a chair, sit on the edge. Relax your pelvic bones with your feet on the floor. For those who are sitting on the ground, preferably prop yourself up with a cushion or block so that your thighs are relaxed and your spine remains tall. Now, loosen your shoulders and breathe from your belly.  
  • Turn attention to the chosen target: The idea of this style of meditation is not to think about the object but to simply experience it, being present at the moment. If you are focusing on your breath, pay attention to sensations as you inhale and exhale each breath. 
  • Calm your inner voice: If your internal monologue begins to rehash stressful thoughts, gently turn your attention back to the chosen target and the sensation it provides.  

Who should try it: Focused meditation should be practiced by the people who can’t concentrate on one thing and need a little extra help focusing. 

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#2 Spiritual meditation style 

Spiritual meditation style – similar to prayer – is basically an experience that takes you to the depths of who you are. It strips off all perceptions you had about yourself until you find the real self. In other words, it makes you experience joy and peace. A genuine feeling of love and light that warms up your being. 

While performing spiritual meditation, you embrace the silence around you, whether at home or a place of worship (temple, church, etc). You will slowly let your mind wander to an internal prayer or question. 

Some practitioners find the answer to their deepest question from the outer self through the divine, God, or universe. Others might find the answer by simply letting themselves be comfortable within the silence that helps them seek the answer from within. 

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How to perform a spiritual meditation style? 

The spiritual style of meditation can be performed by following these aspects: 

  • Choose a comfortable position: First thing first, find a relevant place and position that you will be comfortable in. Stay away from the noises of the city as much as possible and surround yourself with greenery and the gentle chirping of birds. 
  • Experience the process: Loosen yourself up and let the meditation take its course in a natural and organic manner. Be a passive spectator. This will allow the process to happen on its own. Do not bother about getting it right or be concerned about its outcome. Experience the process flow of spiritual meditation. 
  • Utter a prayer: Chanting a prayer in your head will prevent your thoughts from maligning your calm composure. You can utter anything, be it a word or phrase, that means something good for you or something you like. Keep your body loose and relaxed. Breathe naturally and slowly. Observe your breath as it goes in and out. 

Who should try it: Spiritual style of meditation is beneficial for those who thrive in silence and are looking for spiritual growth. 

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#3 Mantra meditation style 

One of the best meditation styles for beginners, Mantra meditation is prominent in many teachings, including Hindus and Buddhist traditions. It involves the use of repetitive sound or a set of sounds to clear the mind. A mantra could be a one-word or an inspirational phrase such as “Om” or “Hari Aum”. 

By reciting or chanting a mantra, your mind will be able to focus on the rhythmic song, which will help you release stress throughout the day. Mantras chanted during the mantra meditation can be sung loudly or whispered quietly. 

mantra meditation

How to perform a mantra meditation style?  

The following is the method to perform the mantra style of meditation: 

  • Sit on a floor and keep your spine erect. 
  • Close your eyes and start chanting your chosen mantra. 
  • Repeat the mantra in your mind silently, over and over again for a few minutes. 

Who should try it: Mantra style of meditation should be performed by those who are not very much into silence and enjoy repetition. 

#4 Transcendental meditation style 

A transcendental meditation style is an advanced form of mantra meditation introduced by Maharishi Mahesh in India and the West. It is by far the most popular style of meditation, with nearly 5 million practitioners worldwide. It uses a mantra or series of Sanskrit words to help the yoga practitioner focus during meditation instead of just following the breath. 

The transcendental style of meditation is considered more organized and structured as each practitioner is assigned a specific mantra based on specific factors such as a birth year or gender. 

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How to perform transcendental meditation style?

Following is the step-by-step guide to performing transcendental meditation style: 

  • Sit on a comfortable chair with your feet on the ground and hands in your lap. Leave your legs and arms uncrossed.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Open your eyes and then close them again. Keep them closed during your meditation practice.
  • Repeat a mantra in your mind. Choose a Sanskrit sound that you find suitable.
  • When you feel you are having a thought in the mind, simply return to the mantra.
  • After performing the transcendental meditation technique, begin to move your fingers and toes to ease you back to the world.
  • Open your eyes.
  • Sit for a few minutes till the time you feel ready to continue with your day.

Who should perform it: People looking for a more structured meditation style or beginners new to the meditation world but serious about maintaining practice. 

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Above are the 4 most famous styles of meditation. Whether you are looking forward to eliminating stress or finding spiritual enlightenment, there’s a particular meditation style for you. Just step out of your comfort zone and try different types. Join meditation classes at Ekattva Yogshala if you aren’t able to select the perfect meditation style for yourself. 

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