My Yoga Transformation Journey- Joey Shares his Rishikesh Experience

Yoga holds a miraculous transformative power. In one way or the other, yoga practitioners have transformed through their yoga journey and become better not only in yoga but also at life after completing their yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

This blog by Ekattva Yogshala shares the yoga journey of Joey Jennings, a Florida based yogi, who joined our yoga school for his 200 hours yoga teacher training certification. This post has been created by taking excerpts from Joey’s Facebook updates during his stay in Rishikesh.

Here’s what Joey has to say about his yoga journey in India, especially at Ekattva.

First encounter with Rishikesh

“Rishikesh sits at the foothills of the Himalayas and is energized by the sacred Ganga river flowing through its center. It is known as the yoga capital of the world and one of the holiest cities in the Hindu faith.

This makes it a pilgrimage destination for those who seek higher knowledge in yoga and meditation from every corner of India and internationals from all parts of the globe who seek transformation through yoga.

I was exhausted from travel with expectations when I stumbled up to the Ganges river and overlooked the Himalayan mountains for the first time. Chills ran down my spine as I felt the cool breeze across my body and heard the soothing sound of moving water.”

Yoga in Rishikesh

The First Interaction

“I made eye contact with a smiling bearded Brahmin sitting in peaceful lotus posture. His wide cheeked joy put a childlike grin on my face and suddenly I was holding back tears. As I’ve wandered around the city, met travellers from around the world and spent time soaking in practices and traditions from locals, the grin hasn’t left.”

Rishikesh holds the credit of being the birthplace of yoga. The reputation & spiritual energy of this holy city attracts thousands of yogis like Joey every year. It is here that they start the transformation from yoga students to yoga teachers. 

Stomach woes & recovery

“A vicious battle with food poisoning left me heading to a local doctor. On the back of a moped, trying not to puke into the wind, but still nothing can quench my love for Indian food kept me going. And after a couple days of hibernation and Ayurvedic meds, I’m back making it happen.

Apart from my yoga transformation, I’ve also learned to say “what’s up bro” and enough Hindi slang to make people smile and start a conversation. They quickly realize I know about ten phrases, but honestly, that’s enough to make new friends and combine English, Hindi and sign Language to communicate.

I’ve been nicknamed ‘Lockie Ferguson’ after some mustached cricket player from New Zealand and all the guys in my class keep asking me to beatbox and telling me I should try out for ‘India’s Got Talent.”

A sudden change in climate, water, and diet can sometimes cause stomach issues. This is especially true if you can’t resist street food and look forward to indulging in myriad tastes on offer. Ekattva Yogshala takes every precaution that students stay in perfect health during their stay with us. Rapid recovery in Joey’s health was remarkable. Thanks to his dedication and Ayurveda medication, he recovered quickly and was back on the mat!

Enjoying my transformation

“The heat and full days of classes are stretching mentally and physically, but I’m enjoying my yoga transformation journey and it’s life giving to be in an environment that I’m learning every day.”

Every year, Ekattva Yogshala becomes home to multitude of yoga students from across the globe. Every student brings unique perspectives and experiences. Our teachers make sure that every student gives 100% on the yoga mat and gets personal attention from the teachers.

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yoga transformation blog

A poet’s emotions!

“I want to break out of some boxes of fear and share some journal scribbles for my “3 Week Yoga Training update thing”. Here’s what a transformed yoga teacher has to say about yoga.

Who am I beyond a profession?
Who am I with no thought of external ties?
Who am I with no fingers pointed my way, when hands cover both my eyes?
Am I boundless then or will I still point fingers at myself?

There is a union waiting, fearlessly accepting all my sides,
no use in fighting devils, no use in tired lies.
Awareness is motion forward, what I face I can overcome,
no more graveyards in the closet or seeing conflict and needing to run.

I am present and that’s enough
I am present and that’s enough

What I face I can overcome
So I put hands over both my eyes
Notice a flicker of light, turn into marble palace,
Adorned by the stars in the sky.”

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Completing my yoga teacher training

“I think the greatest paradox of this experience is that it was over with the blink of an eye, yet equally feels like a year worth of memories in only a month. Some days my whole body was sore and mind tired. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 5:30AM to practice yoga, knowing I had classes until 8:15PM. But I would jump in a cold shower and keep showing up. Every day turned out to be worth my time and energy and transformed me into a better, learned person.”

Throughout his stay, Joey Jennings showed an unwavering commitment to learning and adjusted brilliant to the rigorous routine of yoga teacher training. Over the span of 29 days, he transformed from a yoga enthusiast to a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

My regards to Rishikesh

“Even some days, my whole body was aching and I was puking my brains out while I had lessons to teach. I feel that I’ve laid the foundation for practices that will be part of my life for years to come and I will always remember how this time at Ekattva has impacted me and made me transform into a yoga teacher.”

Every yoga practitioner who comes to Rishikesh goes through a unique physical, mental, and spiritual journey while pursuing yoga teacher training certification course. At Ekattva Yogshala, our goal is always to bring out the best of students while making sure that their stay is comfortable. This is precisely the reason why we are counted amongst the top yoga schools in Rishikesh, India!

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