Spiritual Punditz Newsletter #001 – Updated Curriculum, Women Retreat & More!

Dear Spiritual Punditz & Ekattva Yogshala Family,

I am writing to thank you for your overwhelming support in the past months. Whether it is by your messages, or follows on our various social media channels, or participation in our programs, your blessings have been pouring in. I and the entire team behind this endeavor is grateful for the love we have been receiving. With God’s grace and your support, we are certain that we will keep doing good work and move towards our goal of bringing health and happiness to all who join the journey with us. With great optimism and pleasure I am sharing with you updates on some of the developments that have taken over the last few months.

Founder of Spiritual Punditz - Manohar Prasad Nautiyal

Concepts of Ayurveda is now part of our Yoga Teacher Training Course curriculum

We are happy to announce inclusion of ‘An Introduction to and Concepts of Ayurveda’ as an integral part of the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program by Ekattva Yogshala. The topic will be delivered by Dr. G. K. Rastogi who is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor and specialist in panchakarma (detoxification). In addition, he has expertise in rejuvenation treatment, Ayurvedic therapy, pulse diagnosis, identification of medicinal plants and has provided scores of Ayurvedic consultation, Lectures on Ayurvedic philosphy, Herbs, Diets, Pharmacy manufacturing of medicine to students from different countries like Italy, Russia, Holland, Netherlands, USA, Canada etc. His presence at our yoga school will add more value to our 200 Hrs Yoga TTC course.

Registering for your Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course is now easier

We are happy to share the simpler registration form. Striving to make the registration process simpler for convenience of our students, we have reduced the registration form elements and integrated PayPal for facilitation of online payment by our overseas students willing to join Ekattva Yogshala for their International Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga Teacher Training Certification course in Rishikesh (India).

We are working on integration of even simpler online payment gateway for all our students, meanwhile the students from India can register for Ekattva Yogshala’s 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course by paying 10% of course fee as registration advance using Direct Bank Transfer. The details for our current account are updated on our online registration form.

Introduction of specialized retreat for Women

We had been receiving several requests from our sisters for a shorter duration program which does not require past yoga experience. We are happy to hear from you and are glad to announce that starting this September, we are launching ‘The Shakti Retreat’ – a specialized 4 days and 3 nights of ultimate wellness getaway that brings an opportunity for our busy mothers and sisters to take a break from their daily chores and have a time just for themselves. The women’s health and wellness ‘Shakti’ retreat, organized at our Yoga Academy in Rishikesh in the august company of Holy Mother Ganga, has multiple sessions for energy reading and chakra alignment, emotional freedom techniques, introduction to Yoga and basic yogasanas, pranayama & meditation, and of-course, a session for discussions and venting out (if need be).

Special Hatha Yoga Training Session by Ravi Bisht Ji

A seeding event for introducing young generation to the many benefits of yoga had been organized. Our experienced and respected  Yoga Teacher Training Certification program lead, Ravi Bisht Ji, led the event and engaged the students in an energizing practice session beginning with Suryanamaskar and following multiple stretching, bending, and inversion poses.

It is such an honor to receive your tremendous engagement, response and support. We know that the power that is driving us coming from the thousands of beautiful souls from across the world. Not only does it encourages us, but also helps us improve our performance when we hear from you. Please keep your messages, inputs, feedback and love flowing. These are important to help us become the best yoga school and retreat center in India!

We look forward to hosting you in Rishikesh. Please use any of your preferred medium from those given in the footer below to connect with us.

Love and Light
Manohar Prasad

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