The Unrealistic Expectations You Might Have from Your Yoga Training Program
Setting Your Expectations Right

I have been trained in Yoga and Music at the Parmartha Niketan Gurukul from a very early age. Ever since, I have never been lackadaisical about my practice of both. And yet, every time I conduct a yoga or a musical session, I get a feeling that I am on a learning curve. I am still discovering newer nuances, every day.

While I whole heartedly appreciate the enthusiasm of a new class of students, it amuses me when I come face to face with expectations of some of the students. As a matter of fact, most of the students bring with them a burden of expectation that after the training program is over, they will return as a master of the craft.

Yoga is exercise of self-realization

Contrastingly though, reality is all Yoga training programs are just a guideline. You can consider them as an introductory course. While these short term programs can introduce you to the subject and give you an opportunity for guided practice, I have my doubts that these alone can transform you into a master.

Yoga is not just fancy ‘asanas’, it is a whole exercise of self-realization.

Yoga is a tool to help take your consciousness from the physical layer to the innermost layers of the consciousness such that one can experience oneness at the soul level. You may learn yoga asanas in one month, but it takes constant and diligent practice to master these. It takes upto 10 years based upon your acumen and perseverance to be a true yogi.

So while all the enthusiasm is good, remember the keywords i.e. Practice ! Practice ! Practice!

Love and Light,

Manohar for Spiritual Punditz

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