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There is a mystical comfort in the incessant gurgles and splashes, swish-swish-swoosh-swoosh, of the river. It is like its currents can ablute off-and-away torturous burdens of the past and anxious palpitations of the future. Perhaps the constantly flowing waters carry the message of freedom, whispering in the ears as they pass by, “let go”. Somehow the river is an epitome of eternity and quite contrarily of transience too. The waters before have long swept by and so shall the waters now, yet the river will continue to flow. It seems it has flowed forever and yet it is never the same. Maybe it is owing to that inherent transcendence of the river that its sounds carry in them a blessing of peace to the weary mind. Company of a freely flowing river is no less purging than the company of the enlightened.

Company of the river that we are talking about in this particular case is of the river that is considered a mother and a goddess, the holy Ganga.

Nature evokes emotional response in us. A sullen weather as when it snows for days with no sun is known to instill some depressed state of mind. Rains are known to bring with them an amorous longing for the beloved. One may feel intimidated at the sight of expansive seas. And some may feel the kick of adrenaline or a tinge of fear on a camping night in the midst of forest. Nature evokes varied emotional response in us.

Ganga evokes a feeling of inner peace and humility on who-so-ever seeks her.

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“Near Gangnani the Bhagirathi passes through the main thrust of the Himalayas. Unlike the other tributaries of the Ganga, which flow from the southern face of the mountains, the Bhagirathi cuts directly through the highest range of snow peaks and has its source on their norther slopes. This suggests that the river predates the mountains and as Himalayas rose up with the impact of colliding continents, the Bhagirathi carved its narrow passage through the rocks, defying those geological forced that pushed up the highest mountain range on earth. In geological terms alone, the origin of Ganga is a remarkable phenomenon that no myth or legend can adequately describe. Here is the relentless force of water seeking its own path to the sea, cleaving a channel through impenetrable walls of stone.” enunciates the author in Sacred Waters about the uniqueness of Ganga.

The place of your Yoga Practice and Meditation is very important

Many of us are now aware of the energy systems. We understand that our physical body is just one part of our existence, there is more, multiple layers of existence which are not visible to naked eyes. Similarly, everything in the cosmos has a non-physical level of existence. While a rock or a dead log of wood or a stream of water may be considered dead at physical level. At energy level everything is alive, vibrating at its frequency. We are, living as well non-living, interacting and impacting each other at this non-physical level as well. This is why we feel differently with different people and places which are sometimes beyond any logical explanation.

Rishikesh – Best destination for Yoga Teacher Training & Spiritual Practice

The purity of energy of a place is important for Yogic practice and training. This is what is special about Rishikesh. Some rationalists will say what is so special, it is just a small city like many others which lacks in infrastructure and facilities. Well, I would say coming out of crowded metro cities which are contaminated by energies of the massive crowd, you will immediately notice the difference in air and water, you might feel invigorated by soothing rhythm of Ganga and the serenity, and some of you might experience the palpable high level of spiritual energy. Students who pursue their 200 hours yoga teacher training course at Ekattva have reported the same.

Across the ages many saints have chosen Rishikesh as the place for their spiritual practices. Some notable names are Guru Vashishtha, Adiguru Nilkantha, Swami Shivanand, Swami Dayanad Saraswati, Swami Sukhdevanand, Swami Aatm Prakash, Mauni Baba, Jatawale Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Taat Wale baba, and Baba Kali Kamli wale. The uplifting energy of these divine souls is embedded here making this place a natural sanctuary for seekers of truth and the most preferred destination for yoga teacher training.

 Life is happening on the banks of Ganga, come home to the divine within.

Spiritual Punditz Ekattva Yogshala Blogpost

This has been the karmabhumi (the land of practice) of some of the greatest yogis world has seen, and will continue to be. Whether it is for comprehensive 200/300/500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification programs or power packed Yoga & Meditation Retreats and Workshops, every year thousands of yoga enthusiasts from across the world come to Rishikesh drawn by its spiritual pull and make it their spiritual sanctuary. Rishikesh has a vast pool of thoroughly trained and experienced Yoga teachers who are contributing vastly in advancing this ancient science across the globe. The scores of ashrams that line the banks of Ganga have been nurturing the light of Yoga since ages.

Love and Light,
Punam for Spiritual Punditz

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