10 Super Easy Yoga Exercises for Beginners & Their Benefits
yoga exercises for beginners

Huge daily searches on terms like ‘yoga exercises for beginners’ and ‘yoga asanas for newbies’ are clear indication that the world has woken up to the great of the ancient Indian art. And why shouldn’t they? Yoga is believed to improve immunity, muscle strength, metabolism, and considered a stress buster.

Being one of the most renowned yoga schools in Rishikesh, we consulted our team of yoga teachers to share the best yoga exercises for beginners so that anyone interested in the practice can give it a try.

Here are 10 beginner yoga exercises or asanas that are easy enough to practice on your own:

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)

It is one of the most recognized yoga exercises for beginners and typically a part of Surya namaskar. In this asana, while laying on the belly, you are supposed to pull your chest upward while the shoulders and the head is tilted backward. This asana:

●  Opens and expands the chest.

●   Strengthens the spinal cord and the back, thus relieving lower backache.

●      Helps decrease the stress level and fatigue.

●      Helps regulate your metabolism too.

●      Helps improve the body posture.

yoga exercises for beginners

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

In this asana, you should look and feel like a tree. You have to stand on one leg with the other leg bent so the foot rests on the inside of the thigh. The hands should be extended overhead with palms touching each other. This popular yoga excercise for beginners also:

●      Strengthens your hands and legs.

●      Improves your seeing and hearing abilities.

●      Strengthens the ligaments and tendon of the feet.

yoga exercises for beginners

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is a key asana for all yoga practices. It is the starting position of all standing asanas in which you have to stand upright and relaxed.  If you have issues with your knees or standing is not possible, perform tadasana while using a chair. This yoga posture:

●      Improves body posture.

●      Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles.

●      Increases awareness.

●      Steadies breathing.

●      Increases strength and mobility in the feet and legs.

yoga exercises for beginners


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Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

Ananda balasana is also referred to as the happy baby pose. To practice this yoga asana for beginners, you have to lie on your back bringing the knees near the armpits by gripping the outer edges of the feet and keeping the ankle stacked right above the knee. This asana gives:

●      Relief from stress not only to the body but also to the mind. It is easy and very useful pose for beginners.

●      This asana relieves lower back pain.

●      It also stretches and soothes the spine.

●      It deeply compresses the stomach and massages the organs in the digestive system.

yoga asanas for beginners

Note: If you have had a knee injury do not perform this asana.

Dhanurasana (Floor Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana is also known as bow pose. It is a key yoga asana for beginners. In this, you have to lie on your stomach, bend the legs backward and hold them with your hands. The final posture looks like the shape of a Dhanush (bow). This yogasana helps in:

●      Improving body posture, stretching out the whole body.

●      Strengthening the back muscles.

●      Weight loss and also helps cure obesity.

●      Digestion and appetite and functions of kidney, liver, and pancreas.

●      Curing respiratory disorders like asthma.

yoga asanas for beginners

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Shavasana is known for being the easiest yoga asana for beginners. In this yoga excercise, you have to lie on your back with your eyes closed, palms facing up and maintain a relaxed breathing. It helps maintain the balance between relaxation and meditation. This pose is really helpful in:

●      Relaxing the mind, it reduces stress and headaches and fatigue.

●      Sharpening concentration.

●      Reducing an elevated blood pressure.

●      Replenishing and rejuvenating your body. It is a great end to your workout, especially if it has been an intense one.

yoga exercises for beginners

Marjaryasana (Cat Cow Pose)

In this yoga asana, from a hands-and-knees tabletop position, the core muscles are pulled in toward the spine as the back rounds. The head should curl gently toward the floor. Marjaryasana massages the organs and spinal cord gently and helps in stretching the neck. This is one of the best yoga exercises for beginners which:

●      Prevents back pain and align the spine.

●      Strengthens the arms, wrists, and shoulders.

●      Burns the fat and helps in complete body detox.

●      Increases coordination and creates emotional balance.

●      Massages and stimulates organs in the belly, like the kidneys and adrenal glands.

yoga asanas for beginners

Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

Vajrasana is a kneeling pose and is considered one of the best yoga practice poses to boost digestion. In this pose, you have to sit in a kneeling posture with the top of your feet touching the floor and toes untucked. This asana:

●      Improves digestion.

●      Strengthens the back and provide relief from lower back pain.

●      Helps ease out labor pains and menstrual cramps.

●      Regulates blood circulation in the lower pelvic region which makes the digestive system more efficient.

yoga asanas for beginners

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

In this yoga excerice for beginners, you have to extend both arms, with the legs spread apart and one foot turned at a 90-degree angle. The upper body is bent toward the lead foot so that one arm reaches toward. This yogasana:

●      Stretches the muscles and improves the functions of the body. This is a great exercise for pregnant women.

●      Stimulates the function of the kidney and also helps to remove fats from the waist and thighs.

●      Improves the balance and increases concentration.

yoga asanas for beginners

Note: People suffering from high or low blood pressure and those suffering from back and spinal injuries should not practice this asana.

Kursiasana (Chair Pose)

In sanskrit, it is known as “Utkatasana” and is perfect yoga asana to strengthen Thigh, Calf, Ankle, and Vertebral column. In this, you have to extend your arms upwards alongside the ears, keeping the knees bent looking like as if sitting on a chair. This yogasana:

  • Tones the leg muscles.
  • Strengthens the ankles, calves, and back
  • Stretches chest and shoulders
  • Stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs

yoga exercises for beginners

Above are 10 yoga asanas & exercises for the beginners that are super easy and fun to perform. Practice all, no matter what your level of fitness is. And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to help them make a part of the healthy lifestyle.

If you have queries on how to improve your yoga practice and start your yoga career, send an email at info@spiritualpunditiz.com to speak with our competent team of yoga teachers.



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