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Yoga has been behind the rising number of international fitness enthusiasts to visit India and learn the ancient form to start their spiritual journey. Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga where yogis have spent their entire life discovering and sharing their knowledge with the world. Ekattva’s experienced yoga gurus are doing the same by comprehensive training to international students through its 200 hours yoga teacher training course.

This yoga experience blog from Romania based yogi, Bogdan Tascu, brings his journey to the birthplace of yoga and experience at our yoga school. Below is the spoken experience of Bogdan who has recently completed the YTT course and shared his yoga transformation journey through this blog. He shared about his experience in India, Rishikesh and Ekattva as well.

Below is Bogdan narrating himself!


I am Bogdan Tascu from Romania and I have just spent 1 month in Rishikesh attending 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Ekattva Yogshala. I want to share some stories from my journey.

Personal yoga journey


What I was looking for

I hoped to find very good teachers who were serious about their Yoga and can instill the same in their students. Other than that I needed a very comfortable private accommodation, a place where I can go be with myself after the intensive yoga sessions.

My first few hours in India

I had decided to take a bus from the Kashmiri Gate Bus Station for my journey from New Delhi to Rishikesh. I had never seen so many people at one place at the same time. The station was crowded and I stood out in the crowd. There were too many people looking at me, many of them approaching me and asking questions. I was overwhelmed and anxious! To make it worse, I could not find any bus to Rishikesh. Looking at the condition of the buses in the bus station, I thought to myself that there is no way that I am going to undertake my journey in something like that. I was worried that I might die if had to. And then I saw a nice bus perhaps 50 meters from where I was standing. It was going to Rishikesh. There I also met a nice young man who, as chance would have it, was also going to Rishikesh. He became my guide for the next 6 hours telling me many things and helping me on my yoga journey.

Reaching Ekattva Yogshala

The bus dropped us in Haridwar and from there we took a rickety-crowded bus that dropped me at some place outside of Rishikesh. A hoard of tuk-tuk wala came to me offering a ride. I took my first (and hopefully only) tuk-tuk ride and it was a misery. Cold air hit me bad but fortunately it was a short ride and I got down at Ramjhula.

I was not able to contact my school on phone and it made it difficult for me to reach there.

My advice to anyone coming to India would be to get a SIM card for local mobile number from the airport itself when you land. With mobile data enabling internet access on the go, it becomes much easier to find information you need.

Anyway, I reached a small bakery who allowed me to make a phone call to my school. They sent someone to pick me up.

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My first impressions of the school

My pick-up boy took me on his scooter and started to navigate through a narrow lane. I hoped my school weren’t there. Alas, he stopped in the lane and the school was there. I was worried that I have selected a wrong place to spend my one month at. I came here in February. It is winter here. With no climate control in the building, my first night was terrible. I could not sleep as it was very cold inside my room. I was regretting my decision to be here, already. Not the best yoga experience I was having!

And how everything takes a turn

Next morning, I told the school staff that it is very cold for me and that I could not sleep. They were visibly concerned and gave me a room heater the same day. It was warm and comfortable now.

I spent the whole month giving my best to every class; be it practical asana sessions or theoretical philosophy. Sometimes I wanted to wander and asked for waiver from class to attend some other interesting events happening around same time. But they were diligent and suggested me to not miss my sessions. Am I glad that I listened! Indeed. I never missed a class. Sometimes I felt lazy, especially in morning, and would desire to miss the Hatha session which is the first class. But every-time I felt weak, I pushed myself to turn up for the class. And I thanked myself every time for being in the class, as I could not explain how great it felt afterwards, each session.

One month hence – what difference do I feel

I came here with some baggage – past issues, sleep disorder etc. I know I have spent my month in something precious, as I sleep like a baby now. It is very peaceful inside of me now.

I feel the practice of ‘Pranayama’, something that West does not acknowledge and integrate with their yoga practice, is the key. Regular practice of Pranayama heals you, it changes you for good.

I want to recommend to everyone that when you feel down, demoralized, or upset, encourage yourself to practice Pranayama. It will change everything positively.

Planning to start your yoga journey? Check out these Pranayama techniques for beginners!

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Looking back now

I am glad I made this yoga journey. I met the kind of teachers here at Ekattva that I hoped. They are knowledgeable and share it with open heart. The staff is loving and attentive.

I started practicing yoga two years back but it is now here in the past one month that I have come to understand what Yoga is truly and how it can change your life.

If you are a Westerner, If you have not practiced yoga in India, you have not known true yoga.

I am happy that I am taking this knowledge back to my home where I will share it with others.

Thank You.

Narration ends ————

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