Yoga For Corona: Reasons To Do It And More

Now that the talk of third wave of COVID-19 is already loud, more and more people are leaning toward the idea of practicing yoga to fight corona by boosting immunity and lung health. Sadly, there are some people who still don’t know why they should go for yoga to fight coronavirus. That’s why we decided to help them out! 

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala will share why we all should pick yoga for fighting Coronavirus. We will also discuss the best yoga poses for COVID-19.  Enough small talk, let’s discuss why choose yoga for coronavirus protection. 

Why yoga for corona? 

As the COVID-19 pandemic is getting devastating day by day, health and wellness are becoming even more important in our lives. Yoga – as an ancient health and wellness practice – can help health-related issues by improving physical and mental state. Here are some reasons why millions of people turned to yoga in the past year to fight COVID-19:

Yoga strengthens your lungs 

The respiratory system supplies oxygen to the whole body and supports life in a crucial way. It includes lungs, nose, mouth, sinuses, and all the passages through the body which transports oxygen through the blood.

In a lot of cases, Coronavirus makes it difficult for our respiratory system to perform its functions properly by affecting the upper respiratory tract (sinuses, nose, and throat) and the lower respiratory tract (windpipe and lungs). As a result, our lungs become inflamed, making it tough for us to breathe. 

Yoga exhibits a powerful and profound effect on the respiratory system. Yoga experts say it could increase your intake of oxygen up to 5 times. The more oxygen-rich blood reaches your brain, heart, and lungs, the better your health will become.  

Yoga builds immunity system

Yoga is one of the most simple and effective ways to build up your immunity without stepping out of your house during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who don’t know, the immunity system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the human body against infections. 

By performing certain yoga poses, you can support, balance, and boost the immunity system. Yoga can also let you lock horns with oxidative stress which poses a risk to healthy cells. If performed religiously, it could de-escalate stress systematically in the body, which successively cuts down inflammation and cell degeneration caused by a coronavirus. 

Yoga protects from other diseases 

Yoga will not only protect you from coronavirus but also from the upsurging fatal diseases, especially black fungus and white fungus. Although these diseases are not contagious, (meaning, they cannot spread from contact between humans or animals), they can spread from fungal spores present in the air and environment. 

A consistent yoga practice, in conjunction with certain yoga asanas, can even keep you away from heart diseases, asthma, genetic disorders, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. No wonder why it has been practiced by people since the very dawn of civilization. 

Above are some solid reasons why to practice yoga for corona. The spread of COVID-19 and the tragedy we are all facing today makes us look around for the answers and make corrections imperatively for the very existence of humans. 

But which yoga poses should you perform to fight coronavirus?  We know this question is on your mind right now. Don’t worry, we will discuss them as well! 

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Best yoga poses for COVID

Yoga is a natural immunity booster that can help us get a healthy and strong body. There are some yoga poses that are known to build your immunity and make it act like a shield against COVID-19. 

Here are those yoga poses:

Bellows breath 

Bellows breath is a traditional yoga breathing technique used to energize the body, build immunity, increase alertness and clarify the mind. Also called Bhastrika, it puts a favorable effect on the respiratory and digestive systems. Bellow breath yoga pose drains excess phlegm from the lungs. 

This yoga pose for corona will also oxygenate your blood, which as a result will increase the blood vitality of all organs and tissues. Not to mention, bellows breath helps you strengthen and tone the abdominal region. 

How to perform the bellows breath? 

Follow these steps in order to perform Bhastrika asana: 

  • First, sit in a cross-legged position. 
  • Now, make a first and fold your arms. Place them close to your shoulders. 
  • Inhale deeply. Raise your hands straight up and open your fists.
  • Exhale a bit forcefully. Bring your arms down next to your shoulders and close your fists. 
  • Repeat the above steps for at least 20 breaths.
  • Relax by placing your palms on your thighs afterward. 

Repeat the above steps for 2 more rounds.  

Watch the yoga pose video for more clarity:

Cat pose

One of the most beneficial yoga poses for fighting against coronavirus. Cat pose is a core asana that improves the flow of oxygen in your body. While performing this yoga asana, you will form a hands-and-knees-table position. Your core muscles will be pulled towards your spine as the back rounds simultaneously as your head would curl gently towards the floor. 

Other than improving blood oxygen circulation, the cat pose is also highly effective in reducing stress as it calms your mind.  

How to perform a cat pose?

The following are the steps to practice Marjaryasana yoga asana (another name of cat pose) for fighting coronavirus:

  • Sit erect in the steady and firm pose. Stand on your knees.
  • Lean ahead while placing the hands flat on the floor with the palms down and fingers facing towards the forward direction.
  • Keep your hands in line with your knees. Also, keep the arms and thighs perpendicular to the floor. 
  • Inhale a deep breath and raise your head along while putting stress on the spine in the downward direction.
  • Expand your abdomen as much as possible and fill maximum air. Hold your breath for at least 3 seconds. 
  • Exhale and lower your head while stretching the spine in the upward direction. 
  • Now contract your abdomen and pull it towards your buttocks.  
  • Leave your head between the arms facing the thighs.
  • Again, hold your breath for 3 seconds. Put stress on the arch of the spine and contraction of the abdomen. Release the breath, relax and then practice again.

It is recommended to perform this yoga asana for a minimum of 3-5 rounds. Do not stretch the body beyond its limits as it might cause pain and strain muscles.

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Triangle pose

Triangle pose is an advanced yoga pose being practiced for fighting COVID-19. It is a standing yoga posture that asks for strength, balance, and flexibility. In this posture, both of your arms will stretch, while the legs are spread apart. Your one foot should be placed at a 90-degree angle. 

This yoga pose for corona helps your body inhale fresh oxygen and nutrients. Also performed for increasing neck mobility,  it stretches your spinal muscles and increases the spinal range of motion. A triangle yoga pose could also strengthen and tone the muscles of your thighs. 

How to perform a triangle pose? 

Here are the steps to perform triangle pose: 

  • Stand straight then lightly take your feet apart to a wide position (3 to 4 feet away).
  • Turn your left foot out and turn to face its direction. 
  • Take a slight bend in your left leg and raise your arms out on your sides, forming a ‘T’ shape.
  • Straighten through your left leg, then hinge and reach your torso over your left leg as your hips bulge back.
  • Rotate your left palm so it faces the roof, and gape out over your left arm.
  • Sustain a long, straight spine as you touch your left hand to the mat, placing it in front of your left foot.
  • Gaze towards your right arm, which should be extended overhead. Hold and repeat on the other side.

Watch the video to learn how to perform this COVID yoga asana:

Yoga for Coronavirus 

Yoga is a wholesome practice that contributes to our physical body as well as microscopic systems that are not visible to the naked eye. It can help us prepare the body and mind against coronavirus. Perform the aforementioned yoga poses in order to improve your body’s natural defense mechanisms. 

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Got any queries to ask? Send them to and have them answered by our yoga experts! 

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