Ravneet’s Yoga Teacher Training Experience With Ekattva (Chapter 1)
yoga teacher training experience

Yoga transforms us! From the easiest of the easiest yoga asanas to the complex yoga poses, each yogic posture is none less than an experience of a lifetime. Hi! I am Ravneet from Punjab (India). I am about to start my yoga teacher training program at Ekattva Yogshala Rishikesh!

I am a post graduate and pursuing further studies in my field. Having a Commerce background and teaching experience at the University level, Yoga Sutras, Chakras, Kiryas, Asana and Praynama were totally alien to my mental landscape as I have been accumulating financial puzzles since long.

In this blog, I am going to share why I chose Ekattva Yogshala for my YTT. Read on to know more about my yoga teacher training experience journey!

My humble yoga beginnings 

I have been practising Yoga during the weekends for the last two years. The entire week I used to do aerobics and conditioning and then weekends were for some stretching and meditation at the yoga studio in my city. But after a few months of practising Yoga, I fell completely in love with it and a usual thought used to pass my mind several times, “Damn this is so peaceful and fun to do.”

I waited eagerly for the weekend classes and my increasing interest towards yoga made me follow many social media sites which were based on yoga. That was my first experience with Yoga! Before proceeding further, let me tell you the major reasons why I connected with Yoga so well:

  1. Regular weekend practise was what kept me going on.
  2. Inspiring Instagram posts about transformation after practise were icing on the cake.
  3. And of course Surya Namaskar 😉 for its amazing benefits for mind, body and soul pushed me for yoga teacher training.

September 2018 was the turning point in my life when I visited Australia for a month to meet my sister. One fine day, I was passing by Upstate Yoga Studio in Geelong. I walked in and booked a session of hot yoga for the next day. I met really nice people there in the studio and we often discussed about various topics including business, culture, life energies, yoga, meditation etc. and this intrigued me to know more about yoga and its impact on life.

Eventually, I started going there regularly to practise Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation. I noticed that both my mind and body were relaxed after practicing yoga. This changed my attitude towards Yoga completely. I was a gym lover since beginning and used to reckon yoga as a one mode of exercise like aerobics, swimming, strength training but I found myself completely wrong. It was now, when the thought of experiencing yoga teacher training came to my mind for the first time.

Yoga is not just an exercise or confined up to asanas. Rather, it is the complete intrinsic transformation- it is absolute merging of body, mind and soul to achieve exact direction of life energy through self-introspection.

yoga teacher training experience

Practicing Yoga after I came back to India made me aware of my native nature as I learned through self-realization that what I am doing right now is just one dimension of life, and there is much more to experience inwards me and world around me. Yoga is just a pure science to know about this whole inside out existence. It is just the inner training of being able to achieve mastery of mind.

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After this thought process, I started thinking seriously towards learning and understanding Yoga deeply. So I decided to give a professional touch to my zeal and learn yoga by enrolling in a yoga teacher training program.

Teaching is my lifelong passion as I have been doing well in my designated sphere and this prompted me to teach people what I have learnt through my yoga journey. That’s why I have decided to attend YTT: stitching passion and profession combined. Through a YTT, I wish to share my experiences with entire humanity for the benefit of mankind as depression, emotional disengagement and materialism have been spreading like an epidemic among the younger generation. They need to be utilised for nation building and for channelling their potential in the right direction, yoga is the key!

Why Rishikesh for yoga teacher training?

I have been looking for options for my training in Goa, Dharamshala, Mysore and Rishikesh. But finally after a thorough research, I chose Rishikesh to experience YTT because:

  • Known as the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh is the ideal location when it comes to learning and practicing yoga.
  •  A spiritual town located in the foothills of the mighty majestic Himalayan Mountains and is surrounded by the deep and dense forests which always provides a richness of energy.
  • The flow of river Ganga is pleasant and refreshing. Its picturesque ambience is so lovely and promotes the health and longevity of life.
  •  Experiencing yoga teacher training here is an affordable choice. Not to forget the quality of teaching.
Find here: What Rishikesh, Yoga Capital of the world offers and others not!

Why Ekattva Yogshala for 200 hrs YTT? 

After extensive research of yoga schools in India, I decided to go with Ekattva Yogshala as this ticked all the boxes of my intended outcome. I was looking for a school with authenticity and reliance where I could get deep insight towards yogic practices and experience yoga teacher training at its best.

Apart from this, Punam’s (Manager) way of interaction brought me here. She is exceptionally professional in her work and the way she explained the course curriculum was just amazing. I am really looking forward to learn so much in my upcoming YTT.

I would also recommend aspiring yoga teachers to learn from Ekattva. Their upcoming batches are just a conversation away. Message yoga teachers  of Rishikesh to find answer to all your yoga queries.

Thanks for reading my journey till now and I would be writing more about my experiences through my YTT and life after YTT since this blog is part of a Series.

Love and light!


The journey continues!
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