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200 Hours Yoga TTC Ekattva Yogshala

We know you are excited to join 200 hrs yoga ttc in Rishikesh, India and can’t wait to start your yogic and spiritual journey. The challenges of yoga training await but there are other things you need to know before we begin. Located on the banks of river Ganga, Rishikesh (India) is quaint town city located in the foot hills of mighty Himalayas.

Rishikesh is of great significance to Hindus since they visit the region in search of the meaning of life and perform ‘sadhana’ i.e. austerity. This place is considered gateway to the ‘devbhumi’ (the land of the Gods) i.e. Uttarakhand. Away from the maddening crowd, there is plenty of tranquility and spiritual energy at the place you have chosen for your 200 hrs yoga TTC in India.

To get you started on the right note, Ekattva Yogshala brings 5 crucial details that will be an intrinsic part of your yoga teacher training. So, keep these in mind before heading off to Rishikesh, India for your 200 hours yoga TTC:

1. Climate of Rishikesh, India

Climate is something no one can escape. Rishikesh enjoys a subtropical climate. In summer months (April to June), day temperature ranges between 30 and 40 degree Celsius. Summer months are followed by monsoon during the months of July to September with plenty of rains. The months between December & January are the coldest. Days are pleasant and nights are a bit cold depending on the season. If you are visiting in summers for your 200 hrs yoga TTC in Rishikesh, carry light cotton clothes. For winters, pack heavy woolens.

200 hrs yoga TTC in Rishikesh

2. Your Stay in Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh is visited by yoga enthusiasts from all over the world and hence it has a vast range of hotels and accommodation options to choose from. Yoga TTC training guests of Ekattva Yogshala don’t have to worry about their residence during their 28-day stay since the same is provided by us at our yoga facility. However, since the standard room type is twin sharing, additional $150 USD shall be charged if students wish to opt for private room during their 200 hrs yoga TTC stay.

Rest assured, your stay during 200 hours yoga teacher training course in India will be pleasant and comfortable. Wondering how to reach Rishikesh for your YTT certification? Check out this blog from Team Ekattva.

3. Food During Stay for yoga TT

Yogic life is based on living in harmony with the nature. As one of the core principles, a vegetarian diet is recommended during 200 hours yoga TTC. Though we do not preach individuals about their food preferences, only ‘sattvic’ vegetarian food would be served in Ekattva Yogshala. If you have preference for vegan diet, we would not include dairy products in your diet.

200 hrs yoga ttc in rishikesh

Also, you should notify us of any food allergies so that we can make arrangements accordingly. Whether you will be pursuing 200 hours yoga TTC or 1 week’s retreat with us, your comfort will be on prime importance to us.

4. 200 Hrs Yoga TTC in Rishikesh 

Ekattva Yogshala is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga School (RYS200). Our YA ID is 15816 and you can also visit our YA profile to make further inquiries about our registration. At present, we are providing a fully residential and internationally certified yoga teacher training certification course in India based on principles of Hatha Yoga.

The training during your 200 hrs yoga TTC in Rishikesh will be delivered during a span of 29 days and include a total of 202 teaching hours dedicated to detailed study of Yoga Philosophy, and Anatomy & Physiology, and regular practice sessions of ‘Yogasana’, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama & Meditation, and Teaching Methodology for Yoga Teachers.

5. Course fee for 200 Hrs YTT 

A total of USD 1250 would be charged as course fee to enroll in the 200 hrs yoga teacher training course.  As we mentioned, this will include yoga teacher training, meals, transfer to & from local airport, local outdoor excursions, and of course stay for 29-days. You can reserve your seat by paying 20% of the course fee as advance through reserve your seat or wire transfer.Our whole team is committed to help you attain physical, mental and spiritual well-being through yoga training and practice.

Please note the course fee charged for 200 hrs yoga TTC in our Rishikesh center may vary with currency fluctuations.

Didn’t find the answer to your questions? Check out our official 200 hours yoga teacher training course page or drop us an email at info@spiritualpunditz.com . We will answer all your questions about learning yoga in Rishikesh, India.

Call at +91 8447 045 597 to speak with one of our team members and learn more about Ekattva Yogshala for your 200 hrs yoga TTC in India. Like us On Facebook to stay updated with new courses, studio updates, and much more.

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