5 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh – Highlights, Cost & Package Details
meditation retreat in rishikesh

Joining a 5-day yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh is a magnificent way to hit the reset button. Ever since the pandemic struck, the demand for yoga and wellness retreats have gone up. That’s majorly because people working from home are dedicating longer hours and searching ways to blow off the steam. A yoga meditation retreat makes the perfect getaway for them. 

Rishikesh, also known as the yoga capital of the world, is home to some amazing yoga schools that are hosting 5-day yoga meditation retreats for Indians to help them gain clarity and reignite the passion for life. Ekattva Yogshala introduced 5 days yoga meditation retreat to its offerings in 2022 to cater IT professionals, creatives, managers and entrepreneurs who want to heal and replenish in a short amount of time. 

Let’s start with who should think about joining a 5-day yoga meditation retreat in Rishikesh.

5-day yoga meditation retreat in Rishikesh: Suitability  

Offered by Ekattva Yogshala and other yoga schools in Rishikesh, 5-day yoga meditation retreat is suitable for:

  • Managers and professionals working in high-stress jobs 
  • Entrepreneurs working on startups and growing their business
  • Mothers planning to spend some relaxing days in the lap of nature
  • Individuals engaged in creative pursuits and looking for inspiration
  • Couples interested in exploring nature, wellness, yoga, and spirituality
  • Travelers looking for unique experiences and affordable getaways
  • People interested in experiencing the ancient art of yoga and meditation
  • Families planning to bond over spiritual and wellness practices 

Our 4-day yoga retreat is for everyone interested in immersing themselves into the ocean of healing in Rishikesh. 

meditation retreat in rishikesh

5-day yoga and meditation retreat: Highlights

Most 5-day yoga and wellness retreats bring a wholesome experience for attendees. Here’s what our yoga retreat in Rishikesh promises:

Bond with nature: Located in Rishikesh India, Ekattva’s 5-day yoga meditation retreat takes place in serene surroundings with views of lush greenery and mountains. Only 5-minutes walk from the banks of Ganges, our yoga school brings the best of natural surroundings to help participants rejuvenate.

Detox for soul: At our 5 day yoga and wellness retreat, experienced teachers conduct relaxing yoga sessions that help participants achieve a sense of calmness. Our breathing focused sessions are especially helpful for people very close to burnout.

Beat work stress: Stress wears out the mind and disturbs the mental balance. Excessive work stress pushes us towards burnout which is hard to come back from. Skilled yoga trainers help attendees master mindfulness and breathing techniques that help deal with stress patterns.

Short yoga courses for professionals who want to learn yoga

Achieve inner peace: During 5 days yoga meditation retreat in Rishikesh, India, we help participants master the art of silencing the mind, connecting to the inner soul, and opening up to positive thoughts using Pranayama and other meditation techniques. 

While 5 days of inclusive learning is a good way to begin with, consistent practice of yoga techniques is required to achieve greater inner peace, increased body awareness, concentration, and overall well-being.  

7 days yoga meditation retreat

5 days yoga meditation retreat: Package highlights

The 5-day retreat at Ekattva includes a well-measured mixture of yoga practices, meditation, outdoor adventures, and several gratifying activities. Below are the major highlights and benefits of our wellness retreat in Rishikesh: 

  • Experience the power of yoga and meditation amidst beautiful mountains and perennial streams. 
  • Vedic havan ceremonies and mantra chanting to purify the body, trigger peace to the mind, and facilitate spiritual awakening to the soul. 
  • Gain extensive knowledge and performance expertise on different yoga asanas.
  • Ayurveda sessions to gain introductory knowledge of ancient healing practices. 
  • Pranayama and meditation sessions to improve your respiratory system and purify the mind.
  • Holy dip in the river of Gangaes to experience the purity of Rishikesh.
  • Vegetarian food throughout your 5-day stay in our yoga meditation retreat.
  • Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms to guarantee a comfortable stay.

Learn more about 5 day yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India.

5-day yoga retreat Cost

Our 5-day long spiritual retreat in Rishikesh is widely popular among travelers, business owners, and corporate professionals as it leads to complete rejuvenation of body and mind. Our yoga retreat for August, September and October can be booked in advance at a very affordable price of 27500 INR

For individuals who want to spend less can join our weekend yoga retreat or email us at info@spiritualpunditz.com to inquire about early-bird discount.  

Join our 5-day wellness retreat

With the increase in awareness about mental health and wellness in India, moare and people are planning to join retreats. The demand has grown even more  due to the work-life imbalance created by lockdown. Join our 7-day yoga meditation retreat to experience yoga, healing, spirituality, and wellness.

Have queries regarding our yoga retreats? Send us a mail at info@spiritualpundiz.com  and get answers from highly experienced yoga experts. 

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