Become A Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher In 2021: Ultimate Guide
yoga alliance yoga teacher

If you are looking forward to becoming a teacher in 2021, you must have heard about the term – registered yoga teacher. Right now, it is widely preferred by yoga studios for hiring yoga teachers. But do you really need to become a yoga alliance registered yoga teacher in order to teach a yoga class?

Why does this RYT suffix matter?

What course should you join to become a registered yoga teacher?

Can’t you simply learn yoga poses and start teaching them to students?

We bet many such questions are coming to your mind. That’s why we decided to write this post!

In this blog, Ekattva Yogshala will tell you everything you need to know about the relevance of Yoga Alliance registration to become a yoga teacher. From meaning to perks and different RYT courses to the best program, we will cover all important aspects.

First, let us understand what RYT is!

What is RYT certification?

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a distinction given to those yoga teachers whose training and teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance requirements. Just as a computer engineer merits an “ENGR.” to show the world that he or she has graduated from an intensive program intended to prepare the engineer to practice computer science, a yoga teacher must finish his intensive program to teach yoga to the public.

Certain yoga studios and ashrams often ask that all of their yoga teachers must have completed a Registered Yoga Teacher designated program and that they must have registered as RYT with Yoga Alliance. So, if you are planning to teach classes, becoming a registered yoga teacher is mandatory.

registered yoga teacher

Perks of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher

By completing an RYT-based program and attaining a membership from Yoga Alliance, you can easily access a number of benefits to assist your work and living. Here are some perks of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher:

#1 Access to hundreds of thousands of yoga schools

After becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, you can get your own custom-tailored RYS profile. It will allow you to give every necessary information, be it contact, dates of upcoming yoga training classes, or images of your training at a Yoga Alliance-based school.

By adding such data to your RYT profile, you can give trainees a better sense of how it is going to be like to learn yoga under your guidance. What’s interesting, thousands of yoga schools use it to hire Registered Yoga Teachers. If you are looking forward to joining a yoga studio as a yoga teacher, it might work like a charm for you.

#2 Become your own best yoga teacher

Becoming an RYT teacher will help you find the definite energies of your being and understand the wisdom of the physical body. You will become a professional who has an idea of how to show up to his mat with all of that he carries. Not to mention, you will learn how to design your own practice in order to teach it to other yoga aspirants.

In other words, you will be able to step on your mat and practice at home. And when you go to class the next day, you will be your own best yoga guru.

#3 Increased credibility

Another major perk of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. Remember, the Yoga Alliance Registry Mark is a distinguished symbol in the global yoga community. Once you obtain this symbol, it will automatically boost your credibility. Other yogis and in fact, yogas school will acknowledge your mark on your resume or website.

yoga alliance registered yoga teacher

#4 Access to free online workshops

Throughout the year, many online yoga workshops are held to help educate members on the challenges currently being given by other yoga teachers, schools, and studios. If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher, you will have free access to articles, yoga video recordings, and live online workshops.

These materials can help thee whet your teachings and enhance your yoga business. Whether you want to re-learn the basics of yoga workshops or promote your teaching classes online, you could officially do everything you want to accomplish.

#5 Membership perks and discounts

RYT teachers who become official members of Yoga Alliance will get absolute access to liability, insurance, and even special discounts. Looking forward to buying yoga equipment for your studio? No problem. Want to go teach yoga in another country without breaking your bank? No problem. These discounts will help you save money on things you actually need.

Complete RYS guide for aspiring yoga teachers.

Are you required to become an RYT?

Important or needed? No.

Advantageous and worthwhile? Yes.

While some people might find it as a bootless errand, others may think of it as an opportunity to truly learn, practice, grow, and become better as yoga teachers. They will join an RYS with every intention of becoming a professional yoga teacher.

If you ask us, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a journey not just about becoming a professional yoga instructor or teacher but it is also about getting an experience of a lifetime. RYT will undoubtedly impart useful yoga skills like alignment and body awareness. It will also let you boost confidence and help you develop teaching skills.

Above all, you will get all those aforementioned benefits which are somewhat nearly impossible to get as a non-registered yoga teacher. If you have read the above carefully, you now know:

  • What is RYT certification?
  • Perks of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Are you required to become an RYT?

Now it’s time to tell you about tips to select the right RYT course!

Tips to select a yoga teacher course

In order to become a yoga alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, you need to join the right yoga teacher training course. This might sound difficult, especially to beginners. But by following the tips below, you will be able to choose the best RYT course:

Know your objective: First things first, ask yourself whether you want to become a registered yoga teacher or simply want to step into the yoga world but not necessarily go on teaching subsequently. Once you have figured out your objective, it will become easier for you to search right RYS.

Choose best RYS: Select the registered yoga school that is not only reputable but also highly experienced in offering RYT courses. We highly recommend you start your yoga teaching journey by joining a 200 hours of YTT program at a reputable yoga school like Ekattva Yogshala.

yoga alliance registered yoga teacher

Budget: One of the most important tips to select the right Registered Yoga Teacher course. YTT is a massive investment ranging from $1500 to $6000 (depending on the location and school faculty). Find an RYS that fits in your budget and helps you down in traversing the path financially.

Place: Another crucial tip to consider while selecting a registered yoga certification program. It may seem insignificant, but the actual location of your yoga training has a big impact on your capability to learn and understand new things. Some yoga schools offer RYT courses in the hustle and bustle of cities, while others are situated high up in hills with views of the greeny forest.

Since you’re the one making a financial investment, why not experience yoga somewhere you always wanted to travel? Trust us, you will get a delightful experience.

Training curriculum: Despite the fact that the yoga alliance has set some standards for what is needed to be included in registered yoga teacher certification courses, some schools highlight certain areas over others. When you are searching for the best RYS, ask for the curriculum, see the daily sample schedule and check out their testimonials.

7 important things to look for while selecting 200 RYT certification program

Join 200 hrs yoga teacher certification

Enroll for 200 hours of yoga alliance RYT certification at Ekattva Yogshala in Rishikesh, India. Being a registered yoga school, we offer the best yoga teacher training based on Hatha yoga postulates that involve extensive Ashtanga practice while delivering a broad coverage of yoga principles and a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

During your registered yoga teacher training course, you will be staying in clean and well-maintained rooms at our yoga facility. A total of $1250 would be charged as a course fee to enroll in our 200 RYT certification program. Step in the right direction, become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and start your yoga teaching career.

yoga alliance registered yoga teacher india

Above was everything you needed to know about becoming a registered yoga teacher in 2021. We believe now you have got all the answers regarding yoga alliance RYT. Remember not to go with your gut feeling and to take your time while making the final judgment about where you want to complete your RYT program.

Whatever road you choose to yoga teacher training, it will still lead you to greater self-awareness, better health, higher teaching confidence, and the world of self-discovery.

Got any queries to ask? Send them at and have them answered by our yoga experts!

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