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yoga benefits for students, 200 hrs teacher training benefits

Ekattva Shares Yoga Benefits For Students & Teens

Ekattva Yogshala believes that knowledge grows when shared, and that's why we never let an opportunity of speaking our mind pass away. After our contribution on BookYogaRetreats received great reviews, we decided to collaborate with another established events and wellness venture to talk about yoga benefits for students and teens. And much consideration, we decided upon Sivana Spirit which has...

Manohar Prasad Nautiyal

To Overcome Fear Face It

A Lesson At The Suspension Bridge – Ram Jhula, Rishikesh I want to narrate an incident that I cherish as one of my fondest childhood memories. I come from a laid-back village in the stunning Mussoorie range of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand (India). My parents dreamed of good educational prospects for me and hence they sent me to the gurukul of...


How should we overcome fear?

What is fear? When we are doubtful about our capability in handling a situation or challenge, we fear. When we suspect that things might go south, we fear. When we are focused on all the ways in which something might go wrong, we fear. When we think of losing something or someone very dear to us, we fear. When we do...

yoga in india ashram, yoga certification

The Legitimacy of Desires

Last week I was conducting a session on life and spirituality during one of my meditation and spirituality retreats in Chengdu (China). One of the attendees asked a very relevant question about desires which I am rephrasing below: Is having desires a bad thing? Now this is a very interesting subject and especially relevant to all of us. Mind you, here we...

Yoga & Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Through Yoga

We have come far-off from the age when the great-grandmothers of many of the readers of this blog were married off at a very young age. They spent most of their lives serving the family and depending on the family-head male for all key decision making. Child marriage, malnutrition, high maternal mortality rate, financial insecurity, dependence, in some unfortunate cases...

Why are we unhappy

Why Are We Unhappy?

She asked “I always have this gnawing feeling that what I have is not enough. I am unhappy. Why?” her eyebrows raising and smile drooping in an inverted arc. She was a middle aged woman, married into a seemingly well-off family. She is not an exception though. There are plenty of us. Why is it that when we should be leading away...

Embrace the Emptiness

Embrace the Emptiness

Are we afraid of emptiness? Once I had read ‘work is the only remedy possible (for all miseries of life)’. Unfortunately, I had believed in the same for some considerable duration of time. No one can challenge the remedial nature of work. I too believe that contemplation alone does not solve problems, acting upon it does. What I want to highlight...

So it Begins

And so it begins…

His eyes beamed bright, bright enough to light up the dark summer evening that had engulfed the familiar sight around us. His bright eyes focused on me as if recognizing me from long past as he pointed with his right hand towards a large Pipal tree by the temple in the ashram yard. He gestured me to sit with him...