Salary of Certified Yoga Teacher – The Honest Truth
salary of yoga teacher

Do you know that in the United States alone, an average yoga teacher earns a salary upto $40000 per annum? That’s a motivational figure for yoga teacher aspirants who have invested thousands of dollars in YTT classes and are sweat for hours in yoga schools to begin their career as  certified yoga teachers. But the figure doesn’t reflect the whole truth.

In this blog, Ekattva will share the honest truth about a yoga teacher’s earnings; the actual salary, and how you can get a yoga instructor certification to teach yoga.

salary of yoga teacher

What’s salary of yoga teacher after YTT?

Believe us or not, you won’t get rich as soon as you step out with your yoga teacher training certification. There is a decent chance that at the beginning of your career as a yoga teacher, you might have to teach for free. If you are somewhat lucky, you will get an opportunity to assist a yoga instructor at a yoga school. You can earn between $10-30 per class depending on class size and time schedule.

On an average, a new yoga teacher can earn between $1000-$2000 per month, depending on the number of students you are able to accomodate or find.

Salary of personal yoga instructors

Usually , a newcomer doesn’t get much offers for home tutoring but if you have a strong network & are active on social media, you can grab local tutoring opportunities. A novice yoga teacher can also build a student base by approaching local organizations like schools and companies to host classes.

If you get to become a personal yoga coach, it can help you earn $30-40 per hour. That means if you take 3 classes a day, on an average you can earn upto $3000 per month or $36000 per annum.

Salary of new teachers at yoga school

As we discussed earlier, as a beginner yoga teacher, you can get max $20 per class but if you have been into yoga teaching for some months, you can grab the opportunity of earning $3000-$4000 per month at a yoga school.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fitness trainers, including yoga instructors, earned a median annual salary of $39,820 in 2018. But remember, teaching yoga will need core knowledge of yoga philosophy & poses. This will help get word-of-mouth working for you.

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Earnings of experienced yoga teachers

By an experienced yoga teacher, we mean someone who’s in teaching yoga for a few years and has become part of yoga master classes. If you have earned a name in the field of yoga wellness and fitness, one guest class can help you earn hundreds of dollars. Getting a yoga teacher certification is easy but earning a handsome salary & building a personal name needs patience as well as perseverance.

Even for yoga teachers with few years of experience, it is recommended to enhance yoga skills and knowledge so that profitable job opportunities can be captured when they appear.

Our quick salary overview for yoga teachers ends here! Whether you want to run a yoga school, teach at home, or start your own yoga school, take above salary estimations with a grain of salt. Your salary also greatly depends on:

  1. Number of students in your batches
  2. Country where you are teaching
  3. Yoga offerings (certifications, classes, etc.)
  4. Marketing approach and knowhow
  5. Personal expertise 
  6. Tons of other things!

In short, you can earn millions in a year too if you build your personal brand and move ahead with the right strategy.

Now for those who want to start their yoga teacher journey, Ekattva shares the simplest way ahead.

salary of yoga teacher

How to become a yoga teacher?

The most recommended path of becoming a yoga teacher is getting a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from a yoga school recognized by the International Yoga Alliance. In this popular 4-week program, students with a basic understanding of yoga spend time mastering:

  • Yoga techniques
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga philosophy and history
  • Yoga postures and transitions 

There are thousands of yoga schools across the world offering 200 hours YTT program to yoga teacher aspirants.  Our 200 Hours YTT program offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • Vinyasa flow
  • Pranayama & meditation
  • Principles of ayurveda
  • Theory sessions 
  • Practice sessions with  university educated teachers
  • Group activities
  • Outdoor practice
  • Excursions
  • Cultural tours and much more

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