Yoga Master Class in Rishikesh – Introduction, Benefits, & Courses
beginner yoga master class

Yoga master class is sometimes confused with a yoga workshop. Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory but a yoga master class is a re-enforcement class where the focus is on action and experience rather than lecture and theory. At a master yoga class, the students learn complex set of asanas, pranayama and meditation that is focused on a particular subject, especially a body part.

If you are a yoga enthusiast with the skills to learn advanced level yoga, an advanced yoga program is the best place to begin your yoga teacher journey. In his blog, Ekattva introduces you to different types of master level yoga courses in Rishikesh and their benefits.

Here’s a glimpse of master yoga class in Rishikesh!

3 Week Master Yoga Class

In this yoga master class (packaged in a comprehensive YTT program), you will learn yoga asanas and ancient Indian yogic techniques that have evolved over centuries. Students study anatomy, physiology, and go deeper into the execution and alignment of asanas. In this yoga class in Rishikesh, you will learn to transcend your focus on complex yoga asanas practice, pranayama, mantra and meditation to reach and experience the subtle aspects of Yoga practice.

This type of master  yoga teacher training course has these features:

  • First week – Introduction to advanced level yoga and pranayama.
  • Second week – Deepening the practice, alignment & adjustments.
  • Third week – Class presentation, assignment submission & evaluation.

This master yoga course in Rishikesh concludes in 21 days. 3 weeks is all you get to master the ancient health form of yoga in the spiritual city of Rishikesh. Yoga aspirants who want to receive yogic knowledge but are short on time can attend this type of master yoga class.

While there are students who learn quick, some take time to understand, learn and adapt to the teachings. For those who want to get deeper in yogic world or pursue their career as a yoga teachers, the next master yoga class type is perfect for them.

yoga master class

4 Weeks Master Yoga Class – 200 hrs YTT

It’s the most popular master yoga course in Rishikesh, India. The course curriculum for this Yoga TTC is similar to the above listed master yoga class but students get the benefit of bigger time span and deeper learning! You get 4 weeks or 28 days to learn and master the advanced yoga poses, meditation and pranayama techniques.

That means 7 more days to clear your doubts, enhance your yoga skills, have discussions, practice with teachers, and discover the holy city of Rishikesh- yoga capital of the world.

Learn more about 200 hours YTT  in Rishikesh tailored for aspiring yoga teachers & seasoned practitioners.

Lesson begins

This yoga masterclass class (200 hours yoga teacher training) will possibly begin with a meditation, pranayama, or gentle warm up. Once done, students will begin with the asanas practice where the poses demonstrate the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. As the poses are instructed, the master yoga teacher would describe anatomy and demonstrate the biomechanics of the particular body part on which the yoga pose focuses on. 

The learning

Once done with the master lesson, the student yogis will brace what they learn in class through their own practice.  All of the same information from the yoga workshop format is covered, but the presentation is focused on action and experience rather than observation and lecture. Here, the actual learning begins under the careful guidance of experienced yoga teachers!

Generally, the masterclass approach to learning is experiential rather being just theoretical. That’s what makes it superior and more beneficial than a regular yoga workshop.

What to expect from yoga master class?

Yoga master class is meant for yoga practitioners who have clear basic knowledge of yoga asanas, literature and philosophy. It’s meant for yogis who want to enhance their knowledge, endurance, performance and teaching abilities so that they can become great yoga teachers in the coming times.

Here’s what 4 weeks of master yoga class in Rishikesh will give you:

  • Advanced studies of yoga asana practice
  • Knowledge of core yoga philosophy
  • Deepen your knowledge of human anatomy & physiology
  • Understanding and implementing pranayama & meditation effectively
  • Acquiring knowledge to follow the  principles of Ayurveda correctly
  • Lubricating your teaching skills by eliminating existing/potential flaws
beginner yoga master class

Mostly, advanced yoga teacher training or the so called master yoga class is attended by aspiring yoga teachers to brush up their yogic abilities as most of us know that yoga teaching is a bright career option. 

Wondering what’s after a master yoga lesson? Here’s a  glimpse of life after  Yoga Teacher Training!

In the end, we wish for a bright future to all who have completed or are planning to complete their master yoga classes in Rishikesh. If you’re planning to begin your yoga teacher journey, the best time is always now. Drop an email at and find answers to your yoga curiosity.

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