Intensive Yoga Teacher Training- 10 Things to do Before Joining
Intensive yoga teacher training

Millions of people across the world are not only achieving top physical and mental health with yoga but also making a successful career out of it. While intensive yoga teacher training and 200 hour yoga TTC is widely recommended to kickstart career in yoga, there are many other things that you can do before taking the leap of formal yoga training.

I planned this blog post to help future yoga teachers prepare themselves for 200 hour yoga TTC and set the right expectations about joining a professional course. Here are the best tips, practices and pointers for making the most of formal yoga teacher training classes:

Gather relevant information

Before starting yoga teacher training (whether 200 YTT or any other), try to gather as much information as possible on the ancient Indian art. Read books, articles, and blogs about yoga history, philosophy, and best practices. This will prepare you mentally for 200 hour yoga TT program and intensive yoga teacher training.

Talk to yoga lovers

Speaking with people who have been practicing yoga for many years will give you new insights into the art and enrich your yoga teacher training experience. Mine your personal network to see who is making a career in yoga or tell your friends to connect you with one. I promise this will do you a world of good and help in setting your yoga priorities right.

intensive yoga teacher training

Watch yoga videos

Watching yoga training videos will help you in developing basic skills before joining 200 hour Yoga TTC and intensive yoga teacher training in India. There are thousands of yoga teachers and practitioners who share their knowledge their videos and publish them on Youtube and website blogs. Follow such yoga celebs to get regular supply of educational yoga training videos.

Learn yoga poses

After going through books, videos and informative yoga content, it would be safe to practice simpler yoga poses on your own. Getting familiar with yoga poses and modifications will make you more comfortable about starting intensive yoga teacher training classes. This will also speed up your learning at the yoga school.

intensive yoga teacher training

Consult a doctor

Not everyone is fit to practice complex yoga poses. That’s why it is recommended that people with injuries consult a doctor before starting yoga TT classes. Some yoga poses especially are not recommended for particular injuries or health problems. Hence, taking advice from doctor is important before joining yoga TTC in India or anywhere else.

Watch your diet

Visiting a yoga school for intensive yoga teacher training means adapting to whole new lifestyle. Most yoga academies, especially in spiritual locations like Rishikesh, don’t serve meat and alcohol of any kind. Yoga aspirants are requested to eat light and healthy throughout the day. A well maintained diet keeps your stomach fit and ready for challenges on yoga mat. Also watch out for unrealistic yoga expectations!

intensive yoga teacher training

Grab all the props

Top yoga teacher training centers provide yoga necessities like mat but you have to take care of other items like towel and appropriate clothing. So, don’t forget to make them part of your luggage when heading off for your 200 hour yoga teacher certification in a faraway location.

Regular practice

Reading all those books and video tutorials would mean nothing if you are not practicing the asanas you learnt. Practicing yoga before joining your 200 hour yoga teacher certification course will give you confidence in the class and help you learn quickly. So, dedicate some time to yoga every day. Here’s a beginner’s guide to yoga.

Clothing for occasion

Your body will need all the space it can get to perform yoga asanas and twists. So, head to the supermarket and buy loose & comfortable clothes before starting yoga training classes. Not that you won’t find a clothing store where you are going but wouldn’t it be better arrive completely prepared?

Reach early

Arriving early for your yoga teacher training lessons gives you a chance to connect with teachers before the classes begin. This way, you get the time to discuss your queries if any and prepare for the upcoming session. You can also pick your favourite spot if you are early!

People who plan to pursue a career in yoga are not the only ones who go for 200 hour yoga teacher training. Some people start yoga teacher training classes for personal strength and harmony of mind as well as body.

Are you planning to make a career in yoga but have queries to discuss before taking the yogic leap? Share them in the comments section and let the discussion begin!


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