My Personal Yoga TT Journey in Rishikesh, India (Last Chapter)
personal yoga journey

Namaste! Welcome back to my personal yoga journey’s third and final blog. In my first and second blog, I wrote about my love for yoga and shared the beginning of my yoga teacher training experience. In this conclusive journal, I will share my most memorable moments in Rishikesh and of course Ekattva Yogshala, the yoga school that was my home for the past 30 days.

When I started my yoga teacher training program, there were some doubts bewildering me like:

Will I be able to complete my YTT?
What if I get injured during the YTT?
Will I be able to take yoga classes after my training?
What if I don’t like YTT and end up hating it?

Ahhh, the human mind is so complicated and if you don’t control it, it can make you wander in almost all directions. My personal yoga journey was a lot about taming my mind. Let’s first look at the final week of my YTT:

Final week of YTT:

I finished my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Ekattva Yogshala couple of days ago and am about to leave Rishikesh in a few days. The past month’s experience has been full of appreciation, valuable knowledge, gratitude, self-realisation and connecting with Mother Nature.

When I started my TT with Ekattva Yogshala, I was totally naive to the Yogic lifestyle but by the end of it, I am glad that I did it. Join the 200 hours YTT is perhaps the wisest decision of my life till now! Something that I have done for myself and my inner peace.

I feel that my body is appreciating my 30 day effort and there is a synchronicity between my mind and soul.

personal yoga journey

An advice for YTT aspirants

It won’t be a cozy experience, neither physically nor mentally! Practising Yoga asanas for more than 3 hours daily is challenging because sometimes your body gives up in the middle. But what I believe is that power of Yoga gives you the strength to get up and hit the mat. Though I felt like giving up a few times but I didn’t. Today I am proud of myself and think my personal yoga journey was worth all the sweat & pain!

Yoga is not just how well you perform on the mat; it’s more about how well you treat yourself and others while you are away from the mat. Learning yoga at Ekattva incorporated various qualities in me and the best one was self discipline. My YTT experience has made me more aware and responsible towards myself and my surroundings.

If you are a die hard non-vegetarian, initially you might find it difficult to eat Satvik food for the whole week, which means no eggs or meat. It would only be fresh vegetarian food, herbal teas and vegetable soups for a month. From my personal experience, I assure you that your body will thank you for this experience during the 30 days of yoga teacher training.

It will be a roller coaster ride with several ups and downs and you will get used to it as the YTT program proceeds.

Begin your yoga journey today by enrolling in Ekattva’s 200 Hours YTT program!

Yoga journey – Personal experiences

During the first week of my YTT, I was sceptical of the benefits I would reap by the end of it. Having completed it now, I am extremely grateful to the universe for goading me to experience this:

I have learned to connect deeply with my true self. Month long YTT experience has taught me how to absorb and appreciate all the energies that I feel. With continuous practise of pranayama and yoga asanas, my mind is much calmer and I feel that my body is also in harmony with my inner self. As they say, yoga is the union of body and soul, I personally experienced this during my training program. These 30 days of yoga teacher training in the spiritual city of Rishikesh, besides the sacred Ganga has helped me build a connection with my own self.

I am continuously seeking and getting opportunities to share what I have learnt. A month full of learning and gathering precious yoga experiences has empowered me share my true practise with everyone I know. This knowledge is no more confined to asanas but there is so much more to share with others. Be it about the energy bodies and energy realm, be it interpersonal vibrations that are continuously affecting us, be it total control over mind, I feel blessed to share this knowledge with my loved ones.

I am amazed at myself for the love I have for yoga & meditation now. Earlier I could not even sit briefly in a meditative posture but now I wait for my meditation practice time. The peace I feel after meditating is incredible, special, & personal in a way.

I have become best friends with my own self and how wonderful is that!

personal yoga journey

This certainly is not the end of my yoga journey. My batchmates said during the certification ceremony,, “Yoga is the beginning”, and I truly feel that! As I move ahead on my personal yoga journey, I would say that I still have insecurities and impatience, but what I have with me now are the ways to combat them.

There will be ups and downs, good and bad days but I know how to handle myself with more grace now. When you know this and are truly honest with yourself there is always a room for appreciation and contentment.

In the end

This is my conclusive blog in the series for my phenomenal yoga teacher training program. Hope you all enjoyed reading it and it inspires you to explore the world of Yoga & the world that exists inside you.

As a next step in my personal Yoga journey, I would be sharing this knowledge with the people around me in my hometown. For this purpose, I would be setting up a Yoga studio soon. Wish me luck!

Ready to begin your yoga journey? Send in your queries at and buckle up for an enthralling YTT experience. These guys are amazing at what they do.

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