8 Yoga Poses For Flat Tummy: Burn Belly Fat in Few Weeks
Yoga for flat tummy

Whether it’s fighting diabetes or getting a flat tummy, yoga has always been effective in improving our health & wellbeing. Lockdown has pushed us towards unhealthy eating habits, inadequate sleep, and created the perfect environment for weight gain. That’s why we have decided to help!

In this blog, Ekattva will tell you about 8 yoga poses that will help you get back your flat tummy again. Performing these yoga asanas at home or during our 1-week yoga retreat in Rishikesh can do wonders for both your mind and the body. Following are eight excellent yoga poses that will give you a flat belly in a brief span of time:

Cobra pose

The cobra pose is one of the easiest and beneficial yoga poses for a flat tummy. Also known as Bhujangasana,  this yoga pose is a great catalyst for firing up your digestion. While performing the cobra pose, you will mimic a snake lifting its head up and work your shoulders, upper, and spine. This yoga pose reflects the posture of a cobra when it has its hood raised.

Practicing this yoga pose during our 1-week yoga classes at Rishikesh or at home will help you reduce belly fat as it tones the abdomen. It will also help strengthen your shoulders & upper back; add more flexibility to your lower back; and caress your digestive organs.

Side plank pose

Another beneficial yoga posture for reducing belly fat is the side plank pose. Famous by the name of Vasisthasana, side plank yoga posture works well for those who want to lose weight precisely around the belly and waist. It helps in boosting the flexibility of posterior muscle groups throughout your body. Side plank pose is also effective for the shoulder, arms, and core muscles.

While performing Vasisthasana, lengthen your legs, stretching the hamstrings on the back of your thighs in the process. Performing this yoga pose will help you enhance your appearance by improving your posture. Therefore, side plank yoga pose isn’t only beneficial for getting a flat tummy but also good for your general well-being.

Camel pose

Camel pose is a slightly more difficult pose when compared to the above two yoga poses. Also called as Ustrasana, it is a kneeling-backbend asana that boosts shoulder flexibility, increases core strength, and stretches the entire front of your body. In camel pose, the thighs, trunk, and your head bear a resemblance to the neck of a camel.

Performing Ustranasana at home will not only help you get a flat tummy but also provide a great stretch to the thighs, abdomen, thoracic region, ribcage, and throat. Not to mention, it also improves the functioning of the lungs and heart of your body.

Here’s a pro tip from our yoga experts! Perform Camel pose only if you are not suffering from any back issues.

The plank pose

How could we not add the famous plank pose to our list of best yoga poses for a flat tummy? The plank pose is the most beloved arm balancing yoga asana that not only burns your tummy fat but also shapes your abdominal muscles and strengthens arms and spine. While performing this yoga asana, you can hold your breath for a moment before lowering your body into a low push-up position. 

Practicing plank pose regularly for 1 minute can help you burn more calories than any other yoga pose or exercise. Apart from helping you get a flat tummy, it also helps you improve your posture, flexibility. Even though plank pose might look simple and easy but it requires a lot of resilience and balance. Below DIY video guide will help you perform plank pose:

Corpse pose

This might sound unbelievable but the Corpse pose, or the Savasana, is known as the best yoga poses for a flat tummy. This relaxation pose can be performed for 30 minutes after doing the challenging yoga asanas during your 1 week yoga routine. Despite its simple appearance, performing a corpse pose asana is quite difficult as you need to fully relax your body.

Performing Savasana not only lets you burn fat around your belly but it helps you to relieve constipation and major digestive issues. Not to mention, it soothes your nerves; eliminates stress, fatigue, depression anxiety; and improves concentration. Our yoga experts say that doing this pose regularly can effectively reverse the mechanism that triggers diabetes.

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Boat pose

Finally, after performing a nerve-soothing yoga pose, it’s time to heat your body again. The boat pose, also known as Naukasana is a posture in which your body takes the shape of a boat. Just like other above asanas, this pose is good for those who have a problem losing the extra punch in the stomach area.

Boat pose can be practiced lying both on the stomach (prone position) and back (supine position). Apart from reducing belly fat and giving shape to your abs, this yoga asana helps you strengthen the abdomen core and the muscles of your back, arm, and shoulders.

Since this yoga pose for a flat tummy can be difficult for beginners, it is advised to watch some DIY videos first.

Tree pose

We bet many of you are familiar with the tree pose. Also called Vrksasana, this yoga pose is beneficial to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is usually the first standing yoga pose that is taught by yoga teachers during yoga introduction retreat in Rishikesh. For performing tree pose, keep your sense of humor about learning to stand on one leg.

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Tree pose definitely looks harder at first but will be different every day when performed. Keep in mind that balancing is another brilliant way to fight stubborn fat and get a flat tummy. Vrkasana puts almost every muscle of your body in use, especially around the core, to keep you balanced.

Reverse tabletop pose

The reverse tabletop pose, also known as Ardha Purvottanasana is another famous yoga pose that helps you burn fat around the belly and thighs. This yoga asana is almost similar to the plank pose, although you have to perform everything in a reverse manner. In this pose, you need to sit on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Place your hands behind your back and lift your upper body, while keeping your neck and knees in a straight line. Since this yoga pose is extremely difficult to practice for beginners, we would advise you to hold the position, not over 20-30 seconds. 

Above are the 8 different yoga poses that help you achieve a flat tummy. Performing these yoga poses regularly will not only help you burn fat around your stomach and thighs but also help you stay fit both physically and mentally. Performing some of the above-mentioned yoga asanas might be difficult for beginners. That’s why we recommend you join the 1-week yoga retreat for a flat tummy in Rishikesh.

Got queries regarding our yoga retreats and YTT programs? Send them at info@spiritualpunditz.com and have them answered by our experienced yoga teachers.

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