A Typical Day of Best Yoga Teacher Training in India
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When it comes to best yoga teacher training in India, Rishikesh is the first place to come in mind. Known for its spiritual energy, it is visited by yoga lovers and practitioners from all over the world for 200 hours yoga teacher training but people visiting Rishikesh for the first time often have a lot of questions. Today, we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions:

What does a typical day of best yoga teacher training in India looks like?

So, here is how your typical day at Ekattva Yogshala looks like in Rishikesh, India if you are pursuing yoga teacher training:

best yoga teacher training in India

Waking up early and mantra chanting 

A typical day of best yoga teacher training in India begins at 6:30 in the morning. The day kicks off with havan and mantra chanting which is a religious & spiritual practice. With the chanting of mantras, chakras are re-energized which creates a positive effect on both body and mind. Mantras chanting and havan bring out positive thoughts in our mind and students feel refreshed for a long day of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Since the activity of Mantra chanting starts at 6:30, students are supposed to wake up earlier than that to take care of the morning chores. Becoming part of best yoga teacher training in India is surely not a walk in the park.

Yoga practice session

Havan and mantra chanting session end sat 7, and the next session kicks off which includes yoga asana training. At EkattvaYogshala, it means hatha yoga with props. The main aim of doing Hatha yoga is to prepare the body for yoga teacher training and increase physical stamina. The physical postures, poses and asana increase flexibility and strength.

Hatha yoga is good for beginners and gives them a better understanding of various yoga poses and breath control flow. This is the reason why it is part of most best yoga teacher training programs in India. The yoga practice session goes on for one and a half hour at Ekattva Yogshala.

best yoga teacher training in India

First meal, rest, and theory classes

After rigorous yoga TT class, students are given the time to have breakfast and relax for one hour. Once students are refreshed & ready, next session type is commenced which is about theory. Anatomy & Physiology class is taken by expert yoga teachers. In this class,yoga teachers help students understand how the system of human body works.

This session of best yoga teacher training in India (Rishikesh) focuses on a few things which basically provide a full view of what the human body is capable of and what are the processes going on inside of our body. Theory sessions are important to understand our bodily limits so that they can be pushed to achieve a higher state of being.

So, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is not all about practicing yoga. It is also about understanding yoga. At Ekattva, this theory class session lasts for an hour.

Small break and yoga philosophy sessions

After the session of Anatomy & Physiology, students are given a 15 minutes break to interact with each other, discuss queries, and ask questions from yoga teachers. This promotes interaction among students and improves follow of knowledge.

After break,next comes another theory session on Yoga Philosophy. Regular sessions on philosophy are organized every day to educate yoga students about the real concepts of yoga so that they learn the complexities of vedic art. Best yoga teacher training in India means ace philosophy classes.

Ekattva is one of the few yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh, India that also plans exciting outdoor activities for students on weekends. Have a look at our last outdoor activity.

best yoga teacher training in India

Lunch, free time, and self-practice

At Ekattva, we believe that learning cannot happen in a stressful and overworked environment. That’s why we have kept breaks and free time after every theory or practice session. After the Yoga Philosophy session which concludes at 11:45, yoga students are given a long break to have lunch, rest, and pursue self-study.

The break ends at 16:00, marking the commencement of another guided yoga TT session under yoga teacher training course.

Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow classes

Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow are crucial part of our 200 hours yoga teacher training program in India (Rishikesh). While Ashtanga typically refers to asanas, Vinyasa is a modern concept of yoga, and includes various asanas along with breathing techniques. During the practice session of one and half hour, students work closely with reputed yoga teachers of Rishikesh to better understand Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.

At Ekattva Yogashala, we follow a unique yoga training routine which helps beginners in starting their journey as yoga teachers. Our team of yoga teachers also hosts yoga retreats and cultural sessions for foreign delegates & yoga lovers. Read about it on Medium 

best yoga teacher training in India

Tea break and meditation

At the conclusion of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, students of EkattvaYogshala are given the time to interact over tea for 30 minutes. After that follows an hour of Pranayam and Meditation to help students conclude the formal yoga teacher training. During the session of best yoga teacher training (India) that begins at 18:00, students practice meditation to connect with their inner self and perform pranayama.

Best yoga teacher training in India ends!

After a grueling and enlightening day, students of EkattvaYogshala, Rishikesh are served healthy vegetarian meals to conclude the day. With the day ending at 19:00, students have ample time to engage in self-learning, personal interactions, and additional reading.

Our diverse course curriculum and focus on teacher-student interactions is quickly established us as the best place to pursue best yoga teacher training in India. And let’s not forget our all-inclusive 200 hours yoga teacher training fee that’s less than $1300 USD!

Call +91 8447 045597 or drop an email at info@spirtualpunditz.com to inquire about our upcoming batches and other related details about yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India.

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