Yoga Teaching Tips- 5 Dos & Don’ts for Novice Yoga Teachers
yoga teaching tips

Congratulations on becoming a yoga teacher! Once you have completed your yoga teacher training journey, it’s time to actually implement what you have learned. By following some basic but essential yoga teaching tips and advice, you can become a yoga teacher that every learner yogi or yogini would love to practice under.

Think of these yoga teaching tips as guidelines or markers. They will help you kickstart your yoga teaching career like a duck takes to water. Our quick yoga teaching tips will guide you with your yoga teacher journey after YTTC.

Here are 5 essential yoga teaching tips for new and aspiring yoga teachers:

Tip #1- Be yourself

Our life experiences and people we meet shape us. Be it your parents or teachers, something unique in you is an extract of their personality. Similarly, when you learn yoga, you follow your teachers. Every yoga teacher has some unique trait that is passed on to their students during their yoga teaching journey. So, rather than trying to become someone else, be the most genuine version of you!

This yoga teaching tip is the most essential advice to build a unique identity among your students while teaching yoga. Your acts will automatically create an image in the eyes of your students, and if you have trained under experienced teachers, it will be a good one.

Yoga teaching tips

Tip #2- Focus on details

Yoga means addition, it’s an amalgamation of your outer self with your inner self. When teaching yoga to your students, remember to focus on details rather than on completing the asanas in the so called ‘class hour’. Just like a yoga teacher, every yoga student is unique. Each one has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Give them time and help them learn yoga from their heart and soul, not just through body.

This yoga teaching tip will help you remove the communication barrier, the biggest obstacle in teaching students. Make your yoga students understand the concept of meditation, asanas and pranayama by explaining them the cosmic science behind yoga. Remember, everything is in detail.

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Tip #3- Communicate

The more we communicate, the better we know each other. Try to create a dialogue with your students. This will help you create a healthy interaction with your yoga pupil and they will openly come up with queries. Teaching is all about making things easy for your students. You become a good teacher once your students understand what you actually want them to learn!

If you aren’t verbal with your students, they may hesitate to come up with questions or suggestions. This will hamper your teaching, and in future your class strength too!

Don’t just memorize this yoga teacher tip; implement it when performing yoga sessions with your students.

Yoga teaching tips

Tip #4- Practice

Yoga demands learning and learning as we all know is a continuous process. Being a yoga teacher you must retain your performance ability and physical agility. If you skip the daily practice sessions, you won’t be able to perform yoga in front of students in the best form. This can adversely affect your yoga class strength and plant a doubt in the minds of yoga students about your teaching ability.

After investing thousands of dollars in a yoga teacher certification, you definitely don’t want your classroom to be empty! Therefore,  practice yoga, meditation and pranayama in routine to get better, everyday. .

Following this yoga teaching tip will help you perform top grade in front of your students and in addition will help you remain in top shape.

Tip #5- Stay Balanced

Yoga is the art of balancing physical, mental and emotional stimulus of the human body. It stabilizes your body by protecting it from harmful unearthly ailments. A stable emotional state of mind promotes positivity and sensitivity. It further develops the capability of forming a deep connection to yourself and others. This allows the yoga teacher to stay present in the moment and feel more centered.

Overall, being centered or balanced greatly impacts your teaching skills. As you gain experience, more knowledgeable you become. Remember, the better your balance, the greater your performance. This is a vital tip for perfect yoga teaching.

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Above are the most essential yoga teaching tips from Ekattva Yogshala that every yoga teacher must follow, whether they are new or learned.

“If you are new to yoga or have yet to begin your health and wellness journey, meditation and pranayama are the best to start from!”


Yoga teaching is not just about teaching your students some yoga poses and transitions. It’s a self-learning process where you need to involve yourself more than anybody else.

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With this thought, we say Namaste!

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