Top Yoga Courses for Beginners to Learn Yoga- Teachers Recommended!
yoga courses for beginners

People who are passionate about yoga are interested in improving their skills and hence explore yoga courses for beginners. However, choosing the perfect yoga course for a newbie is not easy since there are some many certifications and course out there.

This blog has been compiled for yoga enthusiasts who want to give a strong foundation to their yoga skills through yoga courses. To help them find the perfect one, Ekattva is sharing two of the most recommended courses for beginner yoga aspirants.

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Introductory yoga course for beginners

An introductory yoga course is for those who know very little about yoga and its philosophy. There are institutions all across India and abroad which offer training to new yoga aspirants through weekend or week long yoga courses for beginners.
While attending such an introductory yoga course, you will gain insights into:

  • Basics & history of yoga.
    Basic yoga postures.
    Meditation and pranayama introduction.
    Stretch exercises

In brief, an introductory yoga course will give you a basic knowledge of yoga which is perfect for someone who has just heard about yoga and have never practiced it. If you want to have a grasp the basics and want to spend weekends to rejuvenate yourself, this course will work great.

yoga courses for beginners in India

Where to learn?

Since basic yoga doesn’t include complex yoga postures, it’s best to search for yoga studios or classes near your home. It is possible these classes won’t be packaged as a yoga course or certification but it still makes sense to join them!

200 Hours YTT Course

Most of the aspiring yoga teachers with decent yoga knowledge join a yoga school to learn its complexities and pursue teaching as their profession. Therefore, a beginners yoga course is best for them to learn the fundamentals of this ancient health and wellness practice. But a week is not enough to learn all the basics of yoga. For that, you need to spend few hundreds of hours learning yoga from professional yoga teachers.

It takes at least a month to learn the fundamentals and to understand the principles of yoga practice, pranayama and meditation. Only then you are ready to perform complex yoga asanas. Therefore, Ekattva recommends 200 hours YTT certificate course for beginners to learn yoga at its best. To understand the concept of this beginners yoga course, let’s go through a brief itinerary of Ekattva’s 200 Hours TTC.

200 Hours TTC itinerary

Basic yoga teacher training or beginner level yoga course includes an introduction to various forms of yoga, pranayama and other activities which opens up your body and mind for performing yoga the right way. At Ekattva, we teach our students yoga the easiest way keeping in mind that traditional practice is never omitted. At our 200 Hours YTT program, we teach yoga beginners:

Yogasana practice: Practicing basic yoga asanas is the initial step of any beginner level yoga course. At Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, we teach our yoga students with basic yoga poses that helps build their yoga foundation. It is a possibility that some of the poses are known to you, but there is also a chance that you aren’t practicing it right! This is what a comprehensive yoga course is all about: to teach you practice yoga asanas the right way.

Planning to become a yoga teacher? Learn everything about yoga teacher training certifications here!

yoga courses for beginners

Yoga philosophy: There is a treasure of yoga literature written by world renowned yogis who have covered every aspect of traditional as well as modern yoga forms. For beginners, understanding the core of their writings can be difficult as yogic terminology and philosophy is understood to those who are familiar with performing it. Therefore, if you enroll in a beginner yoga course recommended by YA, it will be easier for you to understand the yogic philosophy from scratch.

Anatomy & physiology

Yoga is an ancient health and wellness practice. It involves amalgamation of the mind, body and soul. In a beginner yoga course at Ekattva, students are taught human anatomy too. It helps the yogis to understand the human body and its limits better. Moreover, if they plan to become yoga teachers in coming times, this knowledge will guide them in helping their students in overcoming stress, fatigue and even sometimes treating injuries incurred during rigorous yoga sessions.

Pranayama & meditation

Pranayama and meditation are counterparts of yoga. These exercises help your body rejuvenate and relax. Pranayama techniques help in activating your energy chakras and meditation helps you connect with the celestial energies. During our beginner yoga course, we teach our students the essence of pranayama which helps them develop self control. Meditation in addition helps them to stay focused, avoiding distractions, and take their practice to the next level.

Principles of ayurveda

Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Modernized health practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are celebrated as alternative medicine. Some aspects of yoga are highly demanding physically and it is possible that during exertion, the practitioner might feel fatigued or even catch injury. Ayurveda helps the yoga practitioner heal without the side-effects that modern day medicines carry with them.

Teaching Practice

Above all, the 200 hours YTT program is the foundation stone for yoga teaching journey. If someone has a desire to teach yoga by completing the beginner level yoga program, they can get a Yoga Alliance certification and teach yoga anywhere across the world. If becoming a yoga teacher isn’t your aim, a certification will help you take your practice to the next level. At last, it’s the knowledge that matters.

Where to learn?

When it comes to 200 hrs YTT course, there is no better place than Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Rishikesh is home to hundreds of yoga schools where experienced yoga teachers train future yoga teachers.

200 Hours YTT at Ekattva Yogshala review:

Curious about yoga? Learn how to practice yoga on your own!

Coming to the conclusion of the best yoga courses for beginners, Ekattva believes that anyone can practice yoga, anytime and anywhere. Whether you know the basics of yoga or not, it is always better to learn the correct way to progress through your unique yoga journey. There is no better way than learning yoga from a renowned yoga school to get the deepest knowledge about India’s ancient health form.

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