8 Limbs of Yoga: Understand & Practice The Tree of Life
Mastering 8 limbs of yoga

8 limbs of yoga from Patanjali’s yoga sutra help us live in a flow of right action, constantly check in, and seek alignment with spiritual consciousness and awareness. Also called the basic blueprint of yoga, it is designed to help practitioners ease suffering and live more disciplined and purposeful lives.   Most people who are new …

Free Online Yoga Classes to Learn Pranayama and Breathing
best online yoga classes free

“Where can I find the best free online yoga classes?” This question is widely Googled by people who want to learn yoga online without paying the hefty fee charged by most yoga schools.  For people interested in online yoga classes, Ekattva Yogshala recently started an almost-free yoga program which teaches breathwork, meditation, and Pranayama. In …

5 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh – Highlights, Cost & Package Details
meditation retreat in rishikesh

Joining a 5-day yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh is a magnificent way to hit the reset button. Ever since the pandemic struck, the demand for yoga and wellness retreats have gone up. That’s majorly because people working from home are dedicating longer hours and searching ways to blow off the steam. A yoga meditation …

8 Yoga Poses For Flat Tummy: Burn Belly Fat in Few Weeks
Yoga for flat tummy

Whether it’s fighting diabetes or getting a flat tummy, yoga has always been effective in improving our health & wellbeing. Lockdown has pushed us towards unhealthy eating habits, inadequate sleep, and created the perfect environment for weight gain. That’s why we have decided to help! In this blog, Ekattva will tell you about 8 yoga …

5 Minute Yoga – 4 Morning Stretches & Poses For Adults & Kids
5 minute yoga

A lot of people don’t learn and practice yoga because they think it takes a lot of time. Well, it doesn’t because a lot of yoga stretches and postures can be done in just 5 minutes. Read this blog to learn yoga that can be done in just few minutes.

Yoga for Anxiety & Stress: 5 Yoga Asanas & Postures
yoga asanas for anxiety

Anxiety and stress has become an inseparable;e part of our work lives. To help men and women cope with stress, Ekattva has curated a list of yoga asanas that help deal with anxiety and improve mental health. Read and check your stress levels!

Health & Wellness Through Yoga- Yogini Helen’s Journey in Rishikesh
Yoga Journey

This is a yoga journey blog of Yogini Helen from Germany. A mathematics student and wellness enthusiast, she completed a yoga teacher milestone at Ekattva Yogshala by successfully completing our 200 Hours YTT program in January 2020. This is what Helen has to say about her 4-week long experience at Ekattva Yogshala, Rishikesh. Helen takes …

6 Yoga Poses for Knee Pain Recovery- Yoga Teachers Recommended!
yoga for knee pain

People with knee pain find it hard to climb steps, follow sports, and sometimes even walk moderate distances. While medications and therapy can help to a certain extent, yoga too can prevent joint deterioration and help regain strength and flexibility. For minor knee pain, regular yoga practice can also drive away from the problem on …

Short Yoga Courses in Rishikesh – Foundation Certification Program
certificate courses in yoga

Yoga and fitness enthusiasts often aren’t able to take a long time off from office to join yoga courses. This is precisely why we introduced the concept of short term yoga courses. Discover short yoga courses and certificate programs in Rishikesh, India

RYS Guide for Yoga Teachers- Definition, Meaning & New Standards

At present, the Yoga Alliance has over 8000 RYSs and more than 40000 RYTs listed in its directory. Those who don’t know, RYS means Registered Yoga School! Yoga Alliance – the global yoga practitioner’s community – has defined standards for yoga schools which must be fulfilled in order to be called RYSs.  The credentialing system …

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